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Biscuits is better than bread

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 24, 2008

Little Elizabeth likes bread and biscuits so much. Thus, I’ve bought many types of mini biscuits for her before I go to Hong Kong. Just to make sure she still have something go into her stomach when she is hungry or while her mouth needs something to bite. haha…

However, I find that she won’t stay on with one type of biscuits for long. She likes to try something new. OMG! Like mother like daughter. Mummy is quite like a “dustbin”, anything can go in as long as it’s not the same all the time. LOL!

In fact, I think she is in the growing stage where she gets curious with all new things now. She learn to make her own choice. That’s obvious since she turned one. But, giving her breads is certainly better than biscuits. I said so as I certainly need vacuum cleaners almost everyday to keep my carpets clean if she is holding a piece of biscuit every now and then. :roll:

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