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Please don’t touch!

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 24, 2008

Daddy likes to bring baby Elizabeth to the garden. Of course it’s because little Lizzy likes it. Somehow curious Lizzy is not only looking for ants and snails in the garden. She will pick up almost everything on the floor to have a closer look or feel and touch it.

So what’s on the floor of the garden. I think dried or rotted flowers and leaves are the 2 most common things on the floor. That’s her toys out there. But girl, “Make sure you don’t put it in your mouth and please let mummy wash your hands after you have fun with these stuffs, ok?”

Another problem will be the mosquitoes in the garden. Most of the time Elizabeth is protected with cream that will “shoo” the mosquitoes away. So, instead of attack little Lizzy, all the mosquitoes will come to mummy! :roll:

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