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I drive

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 25, 2008

Look how far she has enjoyed herself while waiting to see her paed! It seems like she is interested in driving now. Daddy, do you think we should get a car for her? 😛

I am afraid that even I get one for her, she will get bored within days. So may be we shouldn’t buy fore her. And, it’s the best idea to let her look forward to this little “toy car” in the hospital, so that she will be happy to see the paed. Ha!

Yesterday I took Elizabeth to her paediatrician for injection. I have forgotten weather this time it’s polio or chicken pox. I guess kids nowadays just can’t get rid of all these injections. Little Elizabeth has injection almost every month since born and it will only slow down after she turn 2 I guess.

I am concern as these days she starts to cry every time she sees her paed. Poor girl! Luckily she will stop crying once the injection done. In fact, I am lucky to have this little one who seems don’t cry terribly most of the time. Tough girl! 😛

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