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Cycling Everyday

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 27, 2011

That’s what I did without miss every day and night since a week ago till now.

Once I woke up…

Liz:”Mummy, can I cycle?”

Once I came back from school…

Liz:”Mummy, can I go cycle, please?”

Once I woke up from my afternoon nap or after I finished watching cartoons……

Liz:”Can I go cycle, please mummy?”

In fact, I always fell from the bicycle whenever I tried to cycle faster.

Mum:”It’s ok, baby. Anything is the same. The more you practice the better you are. So never give up.” :)

That’s why I kept cycling. I want to be good at it. As cycling is fun! Besides, it sure can shape up my thigh like the hgh pills too. 😉

By the way, all of us in the family thought that you look great on this rainbow colours sleeveless spaghetti tripe dress. That could be your own style in the future. 😛

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