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I am a good reminder

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 3, 2011

We were shopping at Gurney Plaza on Monday. When mum was about to walk out from the door and want to go straight to the car park.

Liz:”Mum, you forgot to pay your parking ticket.” I reminded her in the nick of time. Clever aye? 😛


Mum promised to take me to the mini market to buy biscuits and chocolate for me on our way home from my school on Tuesday noon. Then, she straight away she drove home.

Liz:”Mum, I thought we are going to mini market?” I reminded her right in front of our gate before she managed to enter the house. No cheating, mum! Hahahahahaha………


As usual, mum was reading for me on the bed before I sleep last night. She was reading to me the words “choose, choosing and chose”. Then, she continued with the sentence.

Liz:”Mum, it’s chose. C…H…O…S…E, chose. See… choose is C…H…O…O…S…E. So, it’s choose, choosing and chose. Not choose choosing and choose, ok?”

Mum:”Oh! Did I say choose for chose just now? Not again! Sorry, baby. You are good.” :)

Yeah… I am good. That’s what I am good at — correcting mum’s, granny’s, daddy’s reading mistakes. Ha!

Also, don’t worry. I am sure I can take good care of you. Hahahahahaha………

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