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I want to be alive

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 21, 2011

Mummy realized my little girl can gives impressive answers nowadays.

Liz:”What is hell?”

Mummy:”Mmm… As mummy told you about heaven, heaven is a nice world after death with lots of happiness. That’s for all the people who do lots of good deed when they are alive. Whereas hell is the opposite of heaven. It’s a place where we stay after death if we were bad when we were alive. So, it’s full of suffering or punishments and lots of bad people. So do you want to go to hell or heaven?”

Liz:”Er… (with serious thinking look) I want to be alive.”

Wow! That’s absolutely a brilliant answer. 😛


Little Elizabeth had pulled out the key from the inside of the toilet door and stuck it in the outside key hole. Then, she was trying to lock the door of course.

Granny:”Don’t lock the door! Why you lock the door?”

Liz:”I just want to learn how to lock a door. I don’t know how yet.”

Granny:”Never ever try to lock the door as you might mistakenly lock yourself in a room and not able to come out if there is no one came to the rescue.”

Liz:”Look! I am not in the room now. But, you are. So, I am safe.” Hahahahahahaha…….

Granny just laughing out load once this answer came out of little Liz mouth. Cheeky girl! LOL!

Looks like you are quite quick minded; Logical as well.  May be you can be a great lawyer next time fighting for justice like those mesothelioma attorney. LOL!

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