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Her lips bleed

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 29, 2008

LOL! My girl just fell down from the one step stair. It’s the first time she fell from the stair since she knows how to walk. This time she accidentally bit her own lips. Thus, it’s so hurt for mummy to see her bleeding! 😥

Just because mummy needs some “me” time for blogging or other activities, everyday there will be time when baby Elizabeth is took care by the Indonesian maid. I think my maid is good enough. It’s just that she can be careless sometimes. And, I always keep complaining about one bad habit about her. She likes to do some other works or even walk away for something else at the same time when she was asked to take care of Elizabeth. I hate that cause that’s normally why accidents can happen.

Anyway, daddy is not around. So daddy, if you sees this… Please don’t worry. Elizabeth stop crying quite soon. And, she is sleeping soundly now. Next time be careful with the stairs ya, my dear… 😛

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