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Posted by Everyday Healy on January 29, 2008

Elizabeth “p” on the floor this evening. It’s usual to see this situation as mummy had stop using nappy. So, most of the time little Lizzy is only wearing panty. Somehow, mummy were so shock to hear Elizabeth shouting for “ka”, “kaka”, “kaka” after she had “p”.

She just stand still and keep shouting for “kaka” after she “she she”. It’s cute. And, at this point, does it means she already reach an understanding that my maid is working for us? Or she is being closer to my maid recently? As she don’t ask for our help, but hers! 😯

Somehow, I can confirmed that she knows how to call “Kakak”. That’s a good news. And, she has learn to ask for help as she gets wet. Hopefully soon she will inform us before she wants to “she she”. 😉

I’ll be even happier if she is willing to sit down on the potty when she wants to “poop”.

“Elizabeth, please get rid of your bad habit as soon as possible! No one will stand when they want to “poop”!”

“So weird! Just “poop” into the potty, will you?” That would save mummy from spending on toilet rolls or disposable gloves that use to pick up her smelly “poop”. :roll:

In fact, she used to poop or “p” into the potty. I really had no idea since when she changed her mind! Naughty girl!

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