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Wear pants, mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 30, 2008

Previously, Elizabeth will take out all the stuffs in daddy’s and mummy’s wardrobe. For example, mummies panties, daddy’s ties, mummy’s shirts or shorts and daddy’s socks or gold cufflinks.

However, today this little one has surprise mummy again. This evening, she manage to open the middle door of my wardrobe. I actually placed most of her beautiful outfits in there. It’s all the clothes she wear when she goes out.

She walked to the wardrobe immediately after I took out her panty once she “p”. I am curious. Thus, I just watched her. Then, she open the door and mess up her clothes. OMG! Stop it!

Anyway, she quickly grab one of her pants and gave it to me before I hold her up. Then, she started to “wahuwahmaba”. What are trying to tell me, girl? Oh! So sorry, dear! I understand now. You are looking for your pants and you want mummy to wear it for you now, right?

Mummy is so proud of you. My little Elizabeth has learn that she must wear pants. And, she even knows which pants and where to find them. Bravo, Lizzy! 😛

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