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Her new dresses

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 30, 2008

Little Lizzy, your are going to celebrate the 2nd CNY after your birth. And, mummy is so excited as you learn to appreciate beautiful clothes these days. And, like varieties of food too. Thus, mummy hope you can enjoy this CNY to the fullest.

Mummy started to buy new clothes for you about 3 months before CNY. By now, I think it’s time to stop buying. Mummy already collected 8 new dresses for you. At the same time, you still have quite a number of new pants and shirts for CNY. So… enough, ok? 😉

This is my favorite! It’s from the shop ” Flower Girl” in Penang Queensbay Mall. Simple and nice. Also because it looks almost the same as one of my toddler’s dress. 😛

Cute aye? Both are like “can can” dress. The white one with only tiny flowers at the top is from Poney.

Mummy will let Elizabeth wear the yellow one for the first day of CNY. Her smile can even appear to be sweeter once she’s wearing the bright and cheerful yellow. 😛

I bought the one which is full of tiny pink roses from a shop called “Studio Seven”. It has all kinds of English kids wear for little girls. Others are all from Penang GAMA Supermarket which I bought during special sales day. But, I can’t recall their brand names at all.

So, there are 7 here. And, here’s the last piece.

I prefer to shop for her all year long clothings during CNY season. As this is the time all the shops will get in beautiful kids wear for sale. There are more varieties as most parents will spent more on kids wear during New Year.

  1. sharine Said,

    Wah…. so pretty ohh all the dresses… lizzy is so lucky to have mama who loves to wear her in nice dresses. En En only has a few… will post the pic up later… hehe…

    later means later today, is it? Or much later? Tomorrow? It’s ok. I will check it out! I am crazy over all the beautiful kids wear! So, want to have a glance of others kids wear collection for CNY too! Silly lah me! 😆

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