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My boyfriend

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen,Let me introduce to you, my boyfriend!

How about that? Handsome aye? Like I said, he is handsome, intelligent and funny! Hahahahaha………

I like him since last year. And, we are still boyfriend and girlfriend till now. Loyal aye? Hahahahaha………

I am so excited when I get to ride behind him. That’s so romantic. LOL! 😉

By the way, that’s my motorbike. My cool motorbike. Mum bought it cash and it requires the cheapest auto insurance and road tax, which actually cost RM 0. Cool aye? That’s why he can only fetch me surrounding the front pathway of my house. Hahahahahaha………

He came to my house last Friday and we drink water together. We wrap present, play cooking and set up party together. We played for 2 hours. That’s awesome! When he leave, I cried out loud. I want to be with you, my dear! LOL! Hahahahahaha………

  1. Abby Said,

    Cool motorbike! Don’t forget your helments!

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