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Shooping? Drawing? Or Cooking?

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 31, 2009

When she first woke up and getting ready to school……

Liz:” Er… We go shopping, k?”

Mummy:” You mean after school?”

Liz nod nod.

Mummy:” Alright. What you want to buy?”


After we went into the car…

Liz:” Go shopping later, k?”

Mummy:” Sure. But what you want to buy?”

She took a few minutes thinking and said:” Book.”

Surprise! Surprise! Since when this little cheeky become a real bookworm? May be. But, more of a little shopping queen. Hahahaha……

Anyway, she also starts scathing now. Draw then color. Sometimes, can see the shape of the things she intended to draw. Mummy and daddy is so proud to see that. However, still lack of patient in completing the coloring. Never mind. Take your time. Mummy has the patient to wait. I know soon you will show me you can do it like you always did. πŸ˜›

Also, she got a chance to work in the kitchen now. Thanks to the new “kakak” who definitely can cook better than mummy. Ha!

Mm! Need some strength.


Wow! So serious!

Yike, Sticky! But, fun! πŸ˜›

Mm! I think it’s ready. I want to shape it nicely piece by piece like “kakak” now. πŸ˜‰

Hooray! I can make curry puff now! Alright! Just learn how to cook, k? Don’t eat too much. You might look cute as you become chubby at this age. Unfortunately, if you carry such big appetite until your adulthood, you will certainly need weight loss pills. LOL!


Thanks to Kodomo Lion

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 30, 2009

Last Saturday, little Elizabeth really had fun at the Kodomo Lion’s roadshow in Queen’s Bay Mall. Mummy and daddy even have to stand for the hungriness just to let her complete a body art. She loves face painting. She wants to be “Spiderman”. Gosh! Do you really understand the meaning of girl? Hahaha……

Liz:” Mummy, I want to paint the face like “Spiderman”.”

Mummy:” Er… How about you pretend to be the lion over there and mummy take picture for you?”

Β Look! She even got a little purple balloon bear. Thanks to the clown. :)

By the way, you don’t have to pretend. You are a real “lion”, my dear. A fearful little naughty! LOL!

And, daddy only allowed the painting to be done on her little hand. So, she got a pink butterfly on her right hand that day. :)

That’s a great weekend. Hopefully, this coming weekend has something interesting for her too before daddy goes to Lumut from Monday to Wednesday.


1 Violin, 2 Rein deers, 3 Staplers………

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 29, 2009

According to mummy’s observation, this little cheeky loves music and maths. So, must continue the counting. Not only 1 to 20. And, she just keep on asking mummy to read the numbers and counts together with her ” 1 Violin, 2 Rein deers, 3 Staplers………, 49 alarm clocks, 50 puppies” as she get this little book since Saturday.

So, it’s 1 to 50 now. πŸ˜‰

Besides, mummy also bought some white plain cards yesterday. Planning to print some dot cards for little Elizabeth. Say, 50 to 100?Β  Since mummy is going to print, how about starting a printing lesson for Elizabeth too? Somehow, I am sure she can handle it immediately, if she got a chance to sit in front of the receipt printer, watching the receipts being printed out non stop for all day long. Repetition always works. However, it should be terribly bored, isn’t it? LOL!


What a little book worm

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 28, 2009

Mummy had a nice talk with her school principle last week. According to the principle, books are her favourite compared to other Montessori materials. Just like what happen at home. She prefers books much more than toys. What a little book worm! Hahahaha……

So, we went to Popular bookstore at Queensbay Mall on last Saturday. Frankly, she was so happy. And, these were what she get.

Liz:” I want to read the donkey!” That’s what she keep complaining as she saw a set of 4 books clearly printed at the back of every ofΒ  these storybooks. So, she finally get it just now. As we visited Gurney Plaza’s Popular bookstore.


Where is the Ribena?

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 25, 2009

As most of the aunties out there keep bombarding that it is not right to let Elizabeth drinks Ribena all the time. “That’s too sweet.” Even Poh Poh said that.

Alright! So less Ribena Syrup. Just about a teaspoon into about 8 to 9 ounce of water. (Ha! Absolutely tasteless! :P)

And, this is how it goes as she drank it.

Liz:” Where is the Ribena?”

Mummy:” Er… It doesn’t taste and look like Ribena anymore, right?”

First, this only happened in the house. So instead of Ribena, she starts asking for Soya bean milk or orange juice while at home. Plain water? Sure. Just one sip at a time. :roll:

Now, the teacher is complaining that she will cry and refuse to drink water whenever she was asked to. It’s Montessori school. Choices are given. No forcing. And to certain extend, free will is respected. So, mummy just got to think of a way and work together with the teacher to make little Elizabeth drink water again. πŸ˜›

But, how?

Mummy:” Why you don’t want to drink water in school?”

Liz:” I don’t like water bottle.”

Mummy:”So, how about we change it to milk bottle?”

Liz:” Mm!”

Mummy:” Alright! Mummy will let you bring the milk bottle. So, promised that you will finish the water in it, ok?”

She did nod her head. But, mummy heard no words ofΒ  “pormised”.

Mummy:” Ok. Come! I show you. Mummy puts more Ribena inside, ok? But, promised to drink all the Ribena in the bottle, ok?”

At the end of the school, the bottle was empty. Gosh! How come she is so addicted to Ribena? Is there any drug rehab plan that helps to get rid of this Ribena addiction? LOL!

May be it’s not the Ribena. It’s the sweetness. She fall for sweet things. OMG!


My mouth got blood

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 24, 2009


Yesterday, there is still a big bump. But obviously It’s healing well.

“Don’t worry. She did not complain. In fact, she said no pain.” That’s what mummy keep telling daddy. As daddy was so worried. :(

Little Elizabeth was quite careful most of the time. Thus, she seldom fall. But, just right on the day of the total eclipse of the sun, she fell. I know. Mummy sounds a little bit superstitious. LOL!

Well, she was chasing daddy out to the front door as daddy picked up a call, while mummy was taking my dinner. Then, mummy heard a loud cry. Daddy quickly carry her and saw her mouth was full of blood. She missed a step and fell. Obviously, her lips was bitten by her teeth and was injured seriously.

Frankly, I think that hurts a lot as the wound is full of blood initially. Useless phoneline! The signal in our house never get proper coverage. That’s what makes daddy always got to rush out to receive a call. 😯


Are you ready……

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 23, 2009

Something cute from school. In fact, she has learned so many songs from school including some Chinese and Malay songs. Mummy is glad that she get the chance to sing in school everyday. As this little singer really loves to sing. Sometimes, she even makes mummy believes that she is born to sing and dance. Really! She is quite a brilliant performer.

But, when daddy played the performance of the little 6 years old — Connie from UK Talent Show…

Mummy:” Do you want to be on stage and sing like this clever “Jie Jie”?

Liz:” No! So many people. So scary!”

Hahahahaha…… Look like this little girl got stage fright. πŸ˜›

In this case, will she actually get mad with mummy when she realized that with the help of seo expert services, all her videos and pictures is being widely spread among the public too? Er…baby, do you mind? 😯


Kakak, I love you

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 22, 2009

Liz:”Kakak massage, mummy massage, ah mah massage, so many people massage for me.” Hahahaha……

Mummy: “Oh, ya! So many people massage for you. You are the little Queen in house.” πŸ˜‰

Liz is right. There is so many poeple massage for her now. As she enjoy massage so much now. Especially before she sleep. And, mummy feel great for this bonding time too. Mummy is so happy to see her slowly closing her eyes after a few touch. This is also the trick mummy used to make her sleep earlier now.

Well, like grama and mummy. Now, there is 3 massage freaks in this house. Hahahaha……

By the way, she actually let kakak massage for her last night. And, she also sang the song ” Kakak, Kakak, I love you. Kakak, Kakak, I love you, Kakak! Kakak! Kakak! Kakak! Kakak, I love you.” for the maid. Kakak was so happy. So do mummy. Looks like she has slowing accepting the new maid. πŸ˜›


Stop eating too much

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 21, 2009

For the whole last week, she really can eat, man! She just keep asking for food non stop. Also, she is eating a lot of junks. Mummy wondered how long will this continue to be. Looks like she might need a bigger pants soon.


How about that? Big enough?



Nope! Still to tight! Hahahaha……

I know what you are thinking. This mummy must be silly! Well, She is just trying her kakak pants. Playful baby! In fact, this picture was took before the previous maid leaved. It’s her new jeans.But, baby Elizabeth was busy trying it out. That’s cute! Since you like jeans, here you go!

Liz get a new pair of jeans now. Nice aye? She really look so cute when putting it on. πŸ˜‰

Thus, please stop eating so much. As ifΒ  mummy grows fat, I can still click here and look for help. But not you, baby… Little ones can only control your food to avoid overweight, got it? :)


I got Balloon Bike

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 20, 2009

As you can see. It’s quite a wonderful weekends. Little Elizabeth got something special while mummy brought her to Tesco to buy some food.

Frankly, this balloon bike is an amazing gift. Liz loves it so much that she even bring it to sleep. There is another lollipop which she immediately looked for it once she woke up from sleep on the next morning.

There are few more actually, including a small flower and a dog. There is also a book about dolphin. Thanks to the bookstall selling the expensive SCHOLASTICΒ  set in TESCO. And, thanks to daddy for the saxophone. :)


No more “Don’t Want”

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 16, 2009

It’s Thursday. Finally, little Elizabeth stopped crying as she woke up and getting prepared to school. She even let the new kakak to brush her hair and put on mosquito repellent. Hooray!

In fact, she treated the new maid nicely only for the first day. For the past 1 week, she was very rude. Keep shouting “Don’t want kakak!” whenever the new maid goes near her. On Monday, she even started to beat kakak. And, she also throws the bottle away whenever kakak tries to fill in Ribena or makes milk for her.:shock:

This is terribly rude. Something unexpected. So, mummy was the one who bathe, prepared lunch and dinner and play with her. Once daddy is back, he will takeover. But last night, she even insisted that daddy have to wipe her body and put on clothes for her after she bathe. Somehow, daddy is working so hard in the toilet. Hahahaha……

She just keep shouting for daddy. Keep crying, rolled on the floor, and pulled her hair. She said:” I don’t want mummy.” Wow… This is insane. She suddenly became like a barbarian. So, mummy and daddy decided to say “no” and avoid her together when she was too forceful.

Mummy:” Baby, look at mummy. If you keep acting very rude, keep saying don’t want this and that, or don’t want kakak, don’t want mummy or don’t want grandma, that’s it! You are all alone. Mummy is going to leave you alone. So do daddy. No one is going to be with you, talk to you and play with you.” 😯

*Sigh* It seems working well this morning. Hooray! πŸ˜›


My New White Sandals

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 15, 2009

Her sandals is getting small. Nope. It’s her feet that growing big. πŸ˜‰

Headache! It ain’t easy to find something comfortable and nice.:(

But, I found this pair of sandals in the night market last night. Not as soft as the previous one. But, still quite soft. Moreover, it’s white! Mummy and daddy’s favorite color for wearings. And, it’s not common in kids’ sandals. Yet got butterfly and seahorse. Simply cute and nice! The universe must have heard mummy. Hahahahaha………

Most importantly……

Mummy:”Do you like it?”

Elizabeth: “Mm! (means Yes)”

That’s great! Hopefully, it is as comfortable as Naot shoes. And, thank you for paying, dad! πŸ˜‰


Kakak go home Indonesia

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 7, 2009

That’s what she told us when she came home from school. Yes! Good girl! Mummy is so glad that you finally understands and excepts it. πŸ˜›

Kakak was sent to the airport by granny yesterday night. Mummy never let little Elizabeth say goodbye to her. We played in the room as granny and kakak sneaked out from the house. No choice. As that should be the best for this little one.

She realized kakak was gone after 15 minutes.

Mummy: “Girl, mummy need to tell you something. Look at mummy. Er… Kakak is flying home to Indonesia now.”

Immediately she run out from the room to the front door and start shouting: “Kakak”……Kakak”…… Soon, she was struggling, kicking,crying at the corner. Tears keep bursting out like heavy rain.

Liz: “Kakak…… Kakak……”

Mummy:” Oh, I am sorry , girl! You still have daddy and mummy. We will always be with you.”

Liz:” No! “Kakak…. Kakak…… Kakak sayang!”

Mummy:” Of course kakak sayang (loves) Elizabeth. But, kakak also loves her daddy and mummy. Kakak have to go back toΒ  Indonesia to be with her daddy and mummy like Elizabeth too. I know you are very upset. Mummy understands. You can cry. Mummy will always be here when you want hug hug, ok?”

She even wee wee on the floor and hoping kakak will come and clean for her. Her intention is clear as she started to calm down when she saw kakak never come out and clean the “shi shi”. So, she let mummy clear it. Then, mummy quickly hug her. Carry her to every corner of the house, hoping she will except that kakak is no longer here.

She is ok later. But, she cried again this morning, as early as 5.30am. As that’s the time she will wake up to drink milk. And, she was sitting at a corner and cried more than 1 hour this time. Poor Girl! We are so sorry! :(

Well, she still stop crying and go to school later. The best part is…… She likes the new kakak so much! Yes! The new kakak came just in time. Right after the old kakak leave. And, little Elizabeth has no problem staying with her in the garden. She even let the new maid washed her hair. That’s amazing! Hahahaha……


Where is my Soya Bean Milk?

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 3, 2009

She was such a good girl yesterday. As a reward of no more crying for mummy while reached the school, mummy promised to bring her for shopping to get her a new pair of sunglasses. As her old sunglasses was broken. Also, this little vain pot has certainly become a shopping queen now. :)

Taa Daa…

It’s from World of Cartoon, RM 19.90. And, that’s mummy’s favorite color. White! πŸ˜‰

Well, it seems that she enjoyed shopping for food more than anything else. And, out of so many things, she picked 2 tins of Anlene. Obviously, she remembered. She always loves to exercise together with Michelle Yeoh when the advertisement of Anlene is going on the TV. So, that’s the power of advertisement. Of course, mummy put it back before we pay. Hahahaha……

And, she put back all the thing that we took. And said:” I don’t want this.”

“Alright! Just more junks, right?” :roll:

Help! Anyone got any suggestion for the best fat burner? Hahahaha…..

By the way, she did put 1 box of Soya Bean Milk into the basket before we pay. She said she want that. Well, mummy don’t really see her drinking Soya Bean Milk when she was offered to. So again, mummy put it back on the rack, without her notice of course!

Then, we happily came home. And, mummy feels so bad when she suddenly asked for Soya Bean Milk after she finished her bath at about 7pm in the evening. Amazing! She can remembered what she “bought”. Luckily, she never ask for Anlene. So sorry, dear! Hahahahahaha…………


Miracle happened on the 14th day

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 2, 2009


Unforgettable… Unforgettable……

hYou might ask what’s so unforgettable? It’s my girl’s first time in uniform! πŸ˜›

And once she put on this magic uniform, she stop crying. I wondered how. But, it just happened. So unbelievable! May it because she was touched. As mummy try to look into her eyes and keep hugging her, showing 2 thumbs up last night, while trying to convince her to become a brave girl who will never cry in school? So, she finally decided to be as brave as Bumble Bee. Yes! She loves TRANSFORMER! Ha!

Or may it because the uniform makes her feels as the same group with her friends in school. Sense of belonging I mean. Or it just simply means ” I like the uniform”. Hehe…..

Anyway, mummy was so touched. Tears nearly burst out just because of this simple occasion. Cause it really means so big to mummy. May be all the while mummy appeared to be so cruel. Just keep sending her to school even though she sheds tears.

The truth is… mummy is not cruel at all. Not as tough as it seems too. Mummy actually feels so sorry and upset, each and every time sees her crying. So worried! But, I have to pretend nothing big and just be persistent. As that’s the only way to help little Elizabeth understands that there is always something we need to obey even though we don’t really like it. Also, she just have to learn to be independent.

And, you did it! You did it great! Mummy is so proud of you, darling! And, you really look great wearing the uniform. So pretty! Just keep up with that sweet smile. Love you! πŸ˜‰


Bye Bye, mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 1, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, “Kakak” went out shopping with my mum after little Elizabeth fell asleep. But, this little girl woke up before the maid come home. She cried. Keep crying for “kakak”.

Mummy then carry her into daddy’s office to see the fishes in the aquarium. Still, she was rolling on the floor, kicking and pushing mummy and the sofa. Well, mummy don’t want her to torture herself, neither the office furniture.

So, the same old trick. Mummy have to carry her walk around the house, showing her every corner, then explained to her slowly that even if she cry, “Kakak” can never hear it as she is not around.

It works like all the other times. Thanks for being so thoughtful,Β  my dear! But, she still asked for the maid every now and then. Since the maid is leaving next week, mummy decided to talk. Try to explain that the maid is leaving.

Mummy told her something like, the maid is not part of the family. She just work here. She will be going back to Indo next week. Then, new “Kakak” will come and replace her work. Little Elizabeth keep quiet while listening to mummy.

“Mummy, we go Indonesia.” replied little Elizabeth after mummy stop talking.

“But, we don’t have house there, we can’t stay there for long. Only “kakak” stay there with her family.” I try to explain again.

“Er… I go Indonesia with “kakak”? ” Asked Elizabeth.

“You want to follow “Kakak”?” asked mummy.

“Hmm.” replied Elizabeth.

“Then, you will not see mummy and daddy again. Is that ok?” mummy asked.

She keep quiet for 1 or 2 minutes.

“I go Indonesia. Bye bye!” That’s her final answer.

*Sob Sob* Mummy want to cry now. Frankly, tears nearly burst out from mummy’s eyes. And, a bit worried what’s going to happen next week when “kakak” is not coming back anymore. Hopefully she likes the new maid. :roll: