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Street Dance

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 26, 2008

Sunday afternoon, we were at Gurney Plaza. We took our lunch at the BBQ Chicken at Gurney Place. Gurney Place is always Elizabeth’s favorite. As there is a wide walkway for her to run about. 😛

It seems this little chicky enjoyed sitting high up on daddy’s shoulder. :)

Wanna dance with me?

Ladies and gentlemen, my Monkey dance! 😉

Now, I am pointing my toes. Dancing gracefully. No more monkey jumping around! hahaha……

As usual, Elizabeth is such a great dancer. She also never stop running around once mummy put her on the floor. Luckily there was Uncle Bill besides daddy and mummy. We all took turn to watch her.  “Kakak” was not with us that day.

In fact, daddy suggested we better cooked “Maggie Mee” and eat at home instead of eating out together with Elizabeth without the maid. Daddy is absolutely right! As little Elizabeth has very bad table manner. :(

She took the spoon and played with salad. She also took the straw in and out from daddy’s drink. Water spilled everywhere. Luckily it was plain water. Smart daddy! It was right to take mummy’s lemon tea away from this naughty little girl. STOP! 😯



Fell 3 times in a day

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

Yesterday, Elizabeth fell 3 times in a day. That was scary, isn’t it? Mummy was heart breaking. When mummy informed daddy after he came back from work, daddy responded:

” You, ar…” with a sexy tone. Hahaha…… ( I mean very low and sharp tone)

I think daddy was trying so hard to swallowed a few words back.

” You are terrible! Don’t you take good care of our girl? You just don’t, or else she won’t fell 3 times in a day!” I guess this should be what exactly in daddy’s mind. But, he was being so kind to swallow them all up, trying not to hurt mummy.  Thanks, dear! 😛

Mummy was guilty. But, mummy was really busy yesterday. Will you forgive mummy, darling?

Anyway, she first fell while mummy was sleeping. So, may be from now on, mummy have to wake up earlier. Then, Elizabeth next fell while she was playing with her uncle Bill. Is that means mummy just can’t trust uncle Bill anymore?

Finally, she fell again while mummy was out to the temple. In this case, I guess mummy should bring her along everywhere mummy goes. LOL!

All of all, falling is common among running toddlers. 😛


No more running on the Sofa

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 26, 2008

This morning, Elizabeth fell down from the sofa again. That time mummy is still dreaming. She was with the maid just like very morning. However, mummy quickly jump out of the bed and run to open the door once I heard a big, loud “bang”.

Mummy reached Elizabeth within seconds. Anyway, once I heard the “bang”, mummy certainly know it’s too late. Anyway, even though she cried out loud but there is no serious injury at all. Not even a blue black bump. That’s miracle!

Somehow, mummy is brainstorming the ways of preventing her to fall from the sofa again as this is the 2nd time she fell from it. But, there is no solution in my mind. I thought she will be afraid after the first fall, but how come she is not? 😯

In fact, Elizabeth still running happily on the sofa, instead of walking or sitting on it, after the first fall. That’s very dangerous! Thus, don’t expect children to learn their lessons. We parents have to be protective in many ways. I think all mummy can do is to make sure she has no chance to run on the sofa again.

“No more climbing up to the sofa, my girl!”


I walk and walk and walk

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 10, 2007

Oh! I seldom crawl on the floor anymore cause that hurts my knee. I prefer to walk now, especial in the house. In fact, I am kind of excited every time I walk on my own. Feel so amazing! It’s unbelievable. Finally, I walk. Thus, I am always smiling as I walk. Just like this.

Faster! Faster! Faster! If I can run now, I can enjoy playing hide and seek with daddy. That would be so much fun! Hooray! 😛


I fall today, and many other days

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 7, 2007

Auntie, Auntie, my head got scratch and bleed a little, one of my eye became red at the side. Very red at first, luckily it fully subsides before my dinner. What happen? Oh……I fall quite badly today. So pain! I cried loud.

But 10 minutes later, grandma walked me in the garden. Then, I stop crying as I like cruising in the garden. it’s like gone out to “kai kai”. Fun! Actually, I don’t really cry, if it’s not a very serious fall. And, I am tough, I try my best not to cry most of the time no matter what! :)

However, since I try walking, I always fall. I fell so many times already. ( since 2 weeks ago I think). But, I try to forget about it and keep walking.

Anyway, this is what happen this afternoon……

Yeah…I fell when daddy let me cruise along with the walker.I thought it’s very safe. And, it’s fun so I push quite fast. Daddy was busy video taping me. All of the sudden, the walker stop as it hit the sofa. At the time, I “fly” to knock the wall. Ouch! My head! My eye! Mummy…That’s painful and shocking!Daddy was a bit late even he thrown away the camera almost immediately and come to the rescue. Ouch! Anyway, it’s alright dad. I am ok now. Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Just keep playing with me! When you play with me, I will forget about all the pains and aches. Let’s play now. 😀

And, be careful Auntie. Better stay close to your baby, so that you’ll came at the right to lend a helping hand. 😀