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I am a computer genius

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Nowadays it’s getting difficult for mummy to blog as little Elizabeth always create interruption. I guess it’s all because at this stage, all baby learn through imitation. Thus, Elizabeth feel so proud and happy every time she got the chance to be in front of the computer just like mummy.

Yeah… this is the time to snap a photo. I am so good at computer too. Brilliant, isn’t it? 😛

What is this? Why must mummy keep pressing these keys? How come there is no pictures on the screen? Anyway, it’s fun! 😛

May be I should move the mouse like mummy! 😉

Still, there is nothing appear on the screen. Impossible! :blush:

So, can Sophos help to stop this “little spam” too? LOL! Mummy will be very grateful! 😆


I press and press

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

See… I can on and off the TV by my own now. I am doing good with the air conditioning remote control too. Clever, aye? Kakakakaka…

Little Elizabeth enjoy pressing on buttons nowadays.

I press and press and press… LOL! So fun! 😛

And, she really surprise mummy as she can even handle the touch screen buttons well. I guess it’s all because this kid has quite good memory. She can remember how the buttons appear once mummy and daddy touch on that control panel.

But this is good enough, my girl. Please stop running to the back of the TV and playing with the wires. That’s scary! 😯

And please understand that if you keep playing with the on and off buttons for most of the electrical appliances, they might stop functioning. Bare in mind that you just can’t sleep without air conditioning, remember?


I want mummy and daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Mummy feels so bad that baby Elizabeth still sleep in her play pan. Since new born until now, her play pan is also her bed. In fact, she only sleep in the play pan, she seldom play in it.

Now that she has grown taller, I think in a few months time her bed is certainly too small for her. However, she prefer to sleep with mummy and daddy. Baby always want to sleep with daddy and mummy. So instead of changing a bigger bed for her, may be it’s a better idea if mummy take away the platform bed and place the king size mattress on the floor. Then, add another new mattress beside to extend the existing space so that it fits 3 of us well.

But, mummy will miss the platform bed so much! Mummy loves beautiful platform beds. Mummy don’t want to sleep on the floor. :(



Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Daddy has left. He went to “Poh Poh” house tonight, sleep there and straight away departing to Port Dickson by tomorrow morning. But before he leave, he bring me to seven eleven and buy me 5 packs of Yakult. I love Yakult!

Since the first time mummy bought me the first pack of Yakult, I straight away fall for it. That’s something irresistible! So yummy! 😛

And, this is what happened for the second time I get Yakult?

I guess at that time, I am only about 10 months old.

Daddy, wish you have a safe journey and see you on Sunday night. Mummy is going to miss you! :)


I fall again

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Can you imagine I jump over the the hand rest of the sofa and straight away fall to the ground in the upside down position? That’s sounds truly, serious isn’t it?

That’s something truly scary to mummy, I guess. Of course, I am upset too. There is a red spot immediately appear on my forehead. Thus, I cried out loud. Just for a while.

I am so brave, didn’t I? Nope! I miss out something. Mummy manage to catch my leg before I fall. But, her hands finally slip away. So I did fall, but just not as bad as you imagine cause I fall slowly. And, the redness disappear after a few hours. No serious injury at all.

So just as what you think, I am truly lucky this time. But, I think it’s wise for mummy to prepare some home medical supplies at home. As I truly enjoy jumping, hoping from one end to the other, climbing and running! 😛

No jumping around, please baby! :roll:


By the beach

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Last weekend, mummy bring me to beach again. But, the camera is in the car while we are down to t he beach. Thus, no photo. That’s good as mummy finally quit shooting and concentrate on me.

I still enjoy watching people flying in the sky (with the help of a parachute). That’s so much fun! And, I am glad mummy take the initiative to chase the waves up and down together with me. I laugh and laugh and laugh.

For the first time……

I am curious. But, mummy was busy shooting for my first time at the beach. So I end up carried by granny all along at the beach. So… just look at the photo.

So ugly cause I neither laughing nor smiling. I am mad! I am frowning! :S

But, I just can’t hide my excitement. I still laugh, shout and jumping for joy when I saw the pony, the horse, the jet ski, the water scooter, the parachute, the banana boat and so on.

Anyway, I am afraid of standing on the sand until now. That will make m cry almost immediately. Don’t you ever let me down, mummy! Promise, ok? 😛


Poor Spider

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2008

I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Elizabeth use her little fingers to pressed on a tiny spider. The spider was killed! My girl had killed the spider. That’s scary! So sorry, little itsy bitsy spider! 😥

Will she kills ants or cockroaches as well? And without my knowledge, she might put her fingers in her mouth after killing these little insects. That’s even more scary! 😯

Mummy is so worried about Elizabeth’s habit of picking up some dirts from the floor and even put them in her mouth sometimes. Mummy gets so afraid as mummy is aware that eating dirts might be poisoning. For example, dirts might has traces of methane.

In fact, methane gas is everywhere and worst still it really can cause serious poisoning. Oh! It’s seems that methane gas detection is needed for everyone health and safety.


Kiss too Hard

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2008

I seldom play with my baby anymore. I know it’s new. But there is nothing much for me to look forward to. :(

However, mummy just can’t forget about how I kiss my baby.

I love you, Baby. So… Come on! Let me praise you with a light kiss!

Oh! One more, ok?

Oh! How about a bite?

Love Bite???  Of course not. This is my third kiss! I enjoy biting people after 2 kisses, even mummy said “no”. hahaha… 


Vain baby

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 24, 2008

Little Elizabeth is getting very vain now. Girls are girls. She started asking for mummy’s face cream to apply on her face about 2 weeks ago. LOL! So what mummy is going to do? The various cream is certainly not for baby. Mummy just can’t apply them on Elizabeth face!

So, mummy pretended getting some cream from the container and showing her quite some distance away. Obviously, Elizabeth can’t see clearly. Thus, she assumed there was cream on mummy’s hand. Finally, all mummy got to do is just tap her fingers on Elizabeth’s face and keep telling her :”Oh, mummy apply the cream for you!”

That’s how mummy’s girl got trick! In fact, she really stand still and raise up her head to let me do the job. That’s very cute and amusing, isn’t it? Anyway, since she is so vain, mummy suddenly got an idea that may be Elizabeth can become a beautician and doing great with spa jobs too just like her granny.

At that time, mummy should be the happiest. As mummy will be pampered by getting free professional facials or spa services all the time.


About Waldorf Method

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 24, 2008

Since mummy have found out more about Waldorf for Elizabeth today, mummy feels may be she can share the info with other mummies that are interested with Waldorf pre-school (birth to age 6) here.

According to wikipedia, Waldorf schools approach learning in early childhood through imitation and example. Extensive time is given for guided free play in a classroom environment that is homelike, includes natural materials and provides examples of productive work in which children can take part; such an environment is considered by Waldorf pedagogues to be supportive of the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of the child through assimilative learning.

In Waldorf schools oral language development is addressed through songs, poems and movement games. These include daily story time when a teacher usually tells a fairytale, often by heart.

Waldorf early childhood education emphasizes the importance of children experiencing the rhythms of the year and seasons, including seasonal festivals drawn from a variety of traditions including Christmas, Easter, May Day, St. John’s Day and so on.

And, Waldorf kindergartens and lower grades discourage exposure to media influences such as television, computers and recorded music, as they believe these to be harmful to cognitive development.


My favourite books

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 23, 2008

These are my 2 favorite books. I won’t get bored flipping them many times. And, I can actually point to most the things from the books now when mummy asked verbally. 😉

I can recognize baby, banana, bread, teddy bear, ball,dog cat, horse, duck, tiger, elephant, giraffe, sunglasses, rubber ring, hat, toothbrush, flowers, and Barney from these 2 books. ( The “First 100 words” is very useful. )

In fact, these 2 books were bought long ago. And, recently mummy actually bought other books for Elizabeth, But, she don’t seems interested. Somehow, mummy will keep buying books for her. Not that mummy wants her to become a book worm. But, it’s good for Elizabeth to like books and learn how to read.

So, may be mummy need to download some online coupon codes to buy some other new books for little Lizzy again. Hopefully she will like it this time. Mummy like free coupons as they really help mummy to save a lot! 😉


I can hold it

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 22, 2008

Since when little Lizzy learn to hold her bottle so well? 😯

Yeah… now I can hold the bottle steadily even when I am so sleepy! 😛

Frankly, mummy was a bit disappointed at first as she don’t even know how to hold her bottle properly when she turn one. However, She finally did it!

Guess how she did it? She just too lazy hold the bottle on her own not until she meet another little boy who is almost the same age with her, sitting right beside her holding his bottle steadily on his own while drinking water.

Immediately at night, little Lizzy  actually pushed my hand away and hold her bottle well on her own while drinking milk. 😯 So even a little baby like Elizabeth has her own pride, didn’t she?  She just don’t want to loose out. So, she choose to prove that she can. Cute, aye? 😛



Posted by Everyday Healy on February 22, 2008

I assume bring babies to wedding ain’t easy at all. As I have twice the experiences of bringing Elizabeth to the wedding and I still can’t handle it well. 😥

I still remembered when Elizabeth attend the first wedding dinner, she was only few months old. She was very upset once the hall was full of loud music and applauses. In fact, when she was baby, she will be frighten away whenever she heard the loud applause. I end up carrying her outside until she fell asleep. LOL!

The last time I bring her to a wedding dinner was during the CNY time. Now she has turn 1, thus she actually clap together whenever all the guest making a big applause. Oh! That’s absolutely cute! And, she loves all those beautiful wedding flowers displayed all around the hall. 😛

But, this time she was playing with chopstick, spoon, plate, straw, and worst still glass. So, she cried as I took away these “toys”. So, daddy got to carry her away from the table as well.

It’s kind of tough, isn’t it? I wonder how all my mummy friends here cope with it?


It’s impossible

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

I think I can wear this small cap. Let me try! 😛

Oh! Ooo… The fact is… I can’t. Ok. Now I know. In fact, I am just playing with the little baby as I don’t really like to wear cap. Don’t you think wearing a cap or a hat is funny and irritating? I will laugh at mummy or daddy when they wear cap. And, I like to pull the cap off from their head.

Elizabeth is full of curiosity most of the time. Thus, she actually take off the baby doll’s cap and try to put on her head. However, if mummy really try to put on a real cap on her head, she will pull in down within seconds. :roll:

What’s so irritating about your hat? I thought it help you to cover your loose hair and make you look so pretty! :blush:


I want money

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

As you all know that I have a granny with very bad memory. So, she will count her money a few times a day. I really don’t mind how many times she has been counting her money. But, “Can you please don’t let little Elizabeth touch the money, Granny?”

However, no matter how many times I had reminded her, she just keep allowing my girl to hold the money in her hands ( Of course she won’t listen to me as she just can’t remember what I said). *Slap forehead*

Sometimes, granny will even propose to give the money to little Elizabeth. Oh! What if she has kept some precious gold or silver coins and finally decided to give it to my little princess as well? That would be wonderful! As even the silver coin is so valuable nowadays. hahaha…

Anyway, I know she is being very kind to my little princess. However, money is always full of germs. Thus, it is not suppose to be in the hand of a little naughty girl who will continuously put her fingers in her mouth every now and then. :(

What to do? Just wash her hand more often. 😛


Wear pants

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

While sometimes our baby can really give us so many surprises. As baby Elizabeth playing with her new baby doll, all of the sudden she walk to her “closet”, which is just a box. LOL!  I know… I should buy one proper closet for her, right? Ok. Ok.

So, she just walk to the box to get one of her pants and throw it to the baby. Is that mean she is trying to help the baby doll to get a pants to put on? Hopefully that is.

Can you see a big baby pantie placing on top of this tiny baby? hahaha…

Anyway, that’s cute! Really cute! 😛

Do you think she has learn to feed the baby with milk too? Oh! I just can’t wait to see that. That’s so much fun! 😆 Great work, little Lizzy. Let’s keep it up, ok?


May be I can

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

These days, Baby Elizabeth is progressing rapidly through imitation. This certainly is a good news. And, she has learn that we brush our teeth. So, she will ask for any of the toothbrush that we hang in the toilet whenever she saw it.

Also, she will place the toothbrush in front of her mouth whenever she gets it. So, do you think I should let her start brushing her teeth every day and night just like us? Of course at the moment I can only let her mess up her shirt and the floor while brushing her teeth as she certainly can’t reach the sink yet.

So, how about changing the old sink in my bathroom to a new beautiful sink and Danze faucets and adding another new set specially fix according to Elizabeth’s height? 😛


I got a Baby

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

Mummy is kind of proud that Baby Elizabeth has been very friendly and loving most of the time. She definitely like to make friends. At the same time, I guess she has grown up. Thus, she has learn to be kind and loving to little babies. Of course, if you ask mummy how and when she started to learn all these good practices, mummy can only answer: “Don’t know!”:shock:

Anyway, as a parent mummy certainly knows that Elizabeth actually need more toys or books if she has been bored lately. So, other than planning for little Lizzy to attend Musikgarten, mummy has bought her some interesting toys today.

Hi, Baby… Why don’t you look at me?

Alright! I will crawl together with you!

Look at how much my little princess enjoy playing with “her baby”. 😛

Hopefully I get to show you tomorrow on how little Elizabeth hold closely and lean on her baby as I didn’t have a chance to snap the scene just now. And, I really got to make a record on it as it’s so cute!

At present, she is already sleeping soundly. Zzzz…. Obviously, she had “play hard”! 😛


Learn from Play School

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 19, 2008

While mummy were busy looking for school, mummy actually found one very satisfying kindergarten which is also a friendly neighborhood other than Musikgarten. I think it’s only 5 minutes away within walking distance. I can just walk little Lizzy to this Taska Lin every morning.

Firstly, I prefer Lizzy’s school to be near by my house. In fact, the nearer the better. So, Taska Lin has fulfill the first criteria. Next, I just want to find a school where my girl can fill her time with fun play. In short, I just want her to have some fun because I can see that she started to get bored by just staying at home watching TV.

And, Taska Lin is a kindergarten applying Steiner Waldorf Method in teaching. To simplified the idea of Steiner Waldorf Method, the small ones will learn through play with this method. There are many interesting activities running daily including drawing, baking, playing outdoor with sand and water, singing, dancing and so on. Sounds fun, right?

Yet, there is only 20+ kids in Taska Lin and they are ranging from 18 months to 5 years old. May be Elizabeth get a great chance to observe and learn from the elder one, if I put her in Taska Lin. And, even she can’t “cook”, she can start learning how to draw as she already holds a pen well.

On the other hand,Taska Lin is like an International School where Elizabeth certainly get a chance to meet with the kids of the local and the expatriates. So in the future, she will have Japanese, American, Korean or German’s friend as well.

Anyway, may be she will have to wait for a few months before she can start schooling in this interesting kindergarten as she is still too young. In fact, mummy got some work to do now. Mummy will have to adjust a little of the extra expenses to sustain the expensive school fees. It’s RM500 a month! 😯

May be less massage, less shopping or start applying the Low Rate Credit Card?



Posted by Everyday Healy on February 19, 2008

Last few days, mummy were busy planning for Elizabeth to go to kindergarten. Ops… I guess at the moment, little Elizabeth can only go to nursery class. Anyway, mummy has decided to let her join the trial for Musikgarten on this coming Saturday.

So, this Saturday is a big day. It’s going to be a family day too as daddy decided to join us to watch his little girl’s first time in school. 😛

Of course, mummy feel very excited. Mummy just can’t stop wondering how will her girl react? Most probably she will like it. In fact, mummy was hopping she will be dancing along with music while she was in this unique toddler music class just like what she did at home. :)

By the way, if little Lizzy likes it, then she will be joining the 4 months toddler course in Musikgarten. It’s only once a week and each time 30 minutes. So in this case, mummy will be joining the class together with Elizabeth most of the time. Fun and sweet, isn’t it? LOL! Mummy likes it this way. 😛

So, let’s hope for the best!


I hate block nose

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 15, 2008


Elizabeth was sick yesterday. She caught flu. Thus, very moody and looked grumpy all the time, even when she is watching TV.

Luckily there is still some medicine left in the fridge. So, mummy quickly feed her during the evening as she seems can’t stand the irritable block nose anymore. As a result, she starts running and playing happily since this morning. :)

However, mummy was really tired because of busy taking care of her during the night. But, at least she is willing to sleep on mummy’s bed. On the other hand, her “kakak” was terribly tired.

Baby Elizabeth was sleeping with her granny the night before last night because mummy was sick too. And, “kakak” was the one who carry her until the morning. Naughty Elizabeth refuse to sleep on her granny’s bed and keep crying if she was left on the bed. So, poor “kakak” was tortured! LOL!

By the way, It is advisable for all the mummy to keep the remaining medicine for the common sickness in the fridge. Just in case our baby is sick again in the near future, we just don’t need to rush to the doctor. (Of course, we have to make sure the medication that we kept in the fridge is still in good condition before we feed our baby.)

So, remember to spare some basic medicine especially paracetamol at home for your kids. It is just as important as the medicare insurance. :)


My flowers

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 15, 2008

Yeah… other than Balloon, I like flowers the most! :)

And, by today I already know which is White Lilly, which is baby breath and which is berry… Mummy said, “That’s fantastic!” 😛

Anyway, this is my Valentine’s present from Daddy. But, mummy said it’s hers! So bad! It’s mine! hahaha… Mummy supposed to blog about this yesterday. But, mummy actually cut her finger yesterday. Thus, don’t feel like continue blogging after that.

However, mummy just won’t forget to shot a pic of the moment this cute little girl showing interest over this big bouquet which is almost taller than her! :) Like mother like daughter, Elizabeth really loves flowers. And I am sure she will asked for one too as soon as she can talk. So, may be daddy have to prepare 2 bouquet for next year if he still decided to buy flowers as Valentine’s gift! 😆

Somehow, I think if Elizabeth asked for flowers, daddy might easily buy a much much bigger one for her. Mummy knows exactly how much her dad pampered her! LOL!


Little Milk Addict

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 13, 2008

Nowadays, little Lizzy prefer to eat rice compared to porridge. So, mostly she will eat rice with soup. Of course, she can get bored wit it too. For instance, she rather take fried fish instead of rice and soup. So, she end up take one whole small fish and no rice. May be it’s kind of too pampered. But… seriously think of it, even we adults can be choosy sometimes. So do baby! 😛

However, baby Elizabeth is kind of addicted to her milk now. She will surely ask for milk before she go to bed, when she wake up in the morning and sometimes even in afternoon.

Anyway,it’s good for baby to have milk rather than other junk food. After all, there is nothing to worry about milk addiction. There is no need to treat this addiction too. Only drug addiction that need addiction treatment.


I can take the lead

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 12, 2008

My girl did enjoy attending the wedding dinner. She will join the crowd and clap her hands together whenever she saw people clap their hands.

However, daddy had a hard time that night. Elizabeth wanted to drink from the cup, but she still can’t handle it well. Thus, the drink in her mouth will spill out. So, mummy has to stop her to avoid her white dress get stained. Of course she cried. As a result, daddy has to carry her away from the table and walk her around to stop her tears. :roll:

Anyway, I think Elizabeth enjoyed the most when she get a chance to run about outside the restaurant once the dinner end. It seems she was very friendly and quite independent. She can go near other kids on her own. In fact, she was the one who started running, bubbling and playing on her own. Then, all the “jie jie”, “ko ko” joined her. LOL! Not bad aye? At least she can take the lead! hahaha…….

But, please don’t run so fast, my dear… mummy just can’t take it anymore! :roll:

Oh! I better be careful. There is gap on the floor…

Er… you want to join me?


Happy CNY

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 9, 2008


I am busy looking after my little princess for the past few days until I forget to wish everybody Happy Chinese New Year. She has been shouting loudly, crying badly, playing happily and talking unknowingly in this Happy CNY. hahahaha….

Anyway, I think this little one had a great CNY. Tonight, I am taking her to my aunty’s wedding. This is the first time mummy go to wedding dinner during CNY. So do Elizabeth. It should be fun! As Chinese New Year is all about family reunion. And, most family members will attend the wedding. Thus, I feel glad as Elizabeth might have a chance to meet most of the family members in one shot! :)

Also, I am glad that my auntie finally found his Mr. Right. He is from China. And, my aunt has been working in China for some time. So, they might need to buy land online if they plan to build a house in Malaysia. However, I heard they are going back to China and stay there after this wedding. 😛