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Too Bright

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 11, 2008

Last Sunday, we were enjoying our lunch at E & O Hotel. Mummy and daddy didn’t really enjoy the food there. Baby likes the potato chips though. 😆

Elizabeth enjoys wide spacing and windy environment especially with water around, be it fountain, sea or pool. So, She did enjoyed herself at E & O. Running here and there non stop! Looks like beautiful and comfortable environment is also very important for toddlers.

Anyway, mummy and daddy had a great time too. At least, mummy managed to take photos together with my darling girl. So happy! 😛

Baby, Smile please! 😛

Still too bright, mummy! :(

Anybody switch off this terrible bright light please? hahaha…

Frankly, mummy and daddy seldom take pictures together with our little princess. Mummy is always busy snapping baby alone. And, daddy don’t even bother to touch the camera. Again, he said: ” That’s mummy’s job.” :(

  1. LZmommy Said,

    You look so young! Gosh! How I wish I look so young!
    We are in the same boat! They have lots of pics with daddy but not me :(

    Did I? You know me, I am vain. So I will take this as a great compliment! hahaha…
    But, Gosh! Men are all the same.

  2. GHorn Said,

    Gosh!! u r so young!!!
    this really came out of my mouth when i saw ur pic. then i saw LZmommy comment.
    there!! got ppl share the same thought as me. hehe..

    Wow! Both of you make me curious now. Really that young? To what extend ar? To you, How old am I? if you are guessing according to my appearance? Tell me! Tell me! Quickly tell me! hahaha…

    Feel like floating now! So excited! LOL!

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