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I live in the computer era

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 4, 2008

Elizabeth is always interested in computers. That’s good as we are all living in the computer era now. As long as she is interested in it, it’s quite certain that she will be good at it. That’s an advantage. 😛

She likes to read her blogs too. As she will always smile when she saw her own pictures on the screen. Sometimes, she even laughing joyfully. That’s cute! She likes all the other pictures in the newspapers too. Hopefully, she will keep her interest and manage to develop the good habit of reading newspaper everyday when she grow up. 😛

Mummy is not surprise if she even like to download latest musics, check out the world news, local politics issues, online boutiques, diet pill reviews or other health info all through the net later when she knows how to fully utilized the computer.

And, mummy is quite certain that she also loves computer games. But, that’s a bad news! LOL!

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