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My first singing Competition

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 6, 2010

Tomorrow has no school cause it’s a public holiday. Little Elizabeth was enjoying herself so much playing freely in the house after school till now. Since it’s an extra family day, mummy is still thinking what we can do tomorrow.

Shopping might be a good idea if I can’t think of other. As sometimes there are interesting activities in the mall. Such as the singing competition organized by Anakku last month right in front of Gurney Plaza.

As we pass by the promotional bus……

Promoter:”Do you want to sing?”Liz:”Yes!”Since you are so excited, why not give it a try. As we walked up to the bus, there was a small waiting hall with sofa.

See… Little Elizabeth was so patient and happy while waiting for her turn. She even starts singing.  😛

Then, she was asked to sing in the recording room. She just kept looking at the man who did the recording. And, singing from very soft to almost no voice coming out.

Mummy:” Mmm… Can you sing louder, baby? Or you just want to leave now?”

She quickly nod her head and we walked out of the room in no time.

Mummy:”I thought you said you want to sing?”

Liz:”I want to sing on the stage. Not a room.” Wow! Looks like she already learn to protect her ego in such a young age. :)

By the way, that’s a great experience for this little girl. As she might not know what’s the motorhome insurance. But at least, she was being exposed to the idea of making rooms or home in the bus or van, which so called motorhome now. Besides, she gets to see what’s a recording room.

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