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My ballet dance in music class

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 19, 2010

I look great aye? It’s not ballet class. It’s actually my keyboard lesson. But, I can only play my keyboard for about 30 minutes. And, my music teacher was so kind. She will let us sing with notes. Then, play rhythm sticks, maracas or dance along with different types of interesting music at the end of the class for about 15 minutes. That’s fun aye? 😉

Last month, I always sleep around 5pm. Thus, hardly wake up and became really moody while attending my music class at 6.30pm. But, I sleep earlier (mostly before 3pm) in the afternoon now. Thus, I enjoyed my music class a lot again since last week. I am glad that soon I will be start playing with the Encore and Beat Book 2. 😉

  1. Yew Said,

    Which kindermusic school she attended? Is it the one at Air Itam?

    Her current music school is called “Cadanza” at Island Park Yap Chor Yee Road. Same Roll with Dominos Pizza. 😛

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