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I will work hard when you die

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 16, 2010

Mummy will always give little Elizabeth some English grammar, Chinese writing and Maths calculation paper work to do at home recently. Hoping she will get use with homework and won’t feel pressure when she is in Primary 1 later. As her current montesorri kindy has no homework at all.

On the 15th……

Mummy:”Liz, why you so lazy recently? You don’t want to do paper work at home at all.”

Liz:”Never mind lah. I will work hard with daddy when you die.” :)

Mummy:”What?” 😯

Liz:”Or I will work hard myself when daddy and you die. For sure I will.” 😉

Mummy:”Good. You really got to work hard when mummy and daddy is not around. But you still have to work hard to strengthen your capability while mummy and daddy is still around and managed to teach you.”

What an excuse! But, it’s something unexpected and unforgettable as well! LOL!

Out of curiosity, mummy has one more question, “Aren’t you feel scared when mummy and daddy die?”

Liz:”No I am not scared!”

Mummy:”Wow! Brave girl!”

But, when mummy and daddy fall sick today and getting more serious at this late hours, she cried. Hahahahahaha………

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