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I won a Medal

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 22, 2010

Liz:”Mummy, I got something in my bag to show you. Taa… Daa… It’s a medal. I win! I win in the running competition!” 😉

Mummy:”Wow! That’s great! you got third place and who got 1st and 2nd place?”

Liz:” Sean Sean got first, Ivan got second, then I am third.” :)

Mummy:”Wow! You are the only girl who win the competition. My girl is so strong, aye?” 😛

Little Elizabeth enjoyed her first day holiday program at school so much this morning. She was so proud to show mummy her medal that she won in the running competition. Yes! It’s sure to be a great sports day for her. 😛

This year, I guess you really has grown up a little bit more. Asyou were looking forward for this interesting holiday program. You woke up with such an exciting mood this morning. And came back with surprise. It’s absolutely a great day. Not only for you but also for mum cause it’s Cyber Monday too. Hahahahahaha………

By the way, mummy just can’t wait for your description of being a pirates by tomorrow. 😉

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