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What happened to the milk?

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 24, 2008

One of my friend called yesterday. I told her my girl was sick for the past few days. She immediately asked me: “Will it be the milk?” Of course not!

But until now, 53, 000 infants in China have become sick after drinking formula laced with a chemical used in plastics called “Melamine”, which can also make milk appear to be full of protein. That’s Alarming! Terrifying the mothers in the whole world indeed.

Our health Ministry also started to ban the dairy products which contain Melamine. Quite a number of the dairy products available in the Malaysian market were tested and the first out of 3 in the list which is safe to consume is already in the Star newspaper today.

But, Bonmil — the organic formula milk which Elizabeth is taking now is not in the first list. Somehow, I already called its nutrition hotline. And, they confirmed that the DHA, SA or AA is imported from The United States and the skim milk is from New Zealand. it has nothing to do with China dairy products manufacturers. *sigh* Is it good enough? Or shall I call 03-88833655 for further information from our health ministry?

And, thanks God that Vitagen is safe. I think Yakult should be alright as well. I know they are your favorite! Mummy has no reason to take them away from you, don’t worry, baby! 😛

I really feels so sorry for those babies who was admitted or died because of poisoned by the milk formulation with Melamine in it. Those manufacturers in China were so dare to make such a move. Totally irresponsible! Murderers! :(

  1. Momisodes Said,

    It really is such a tragedy. I can see why parents are so frightened.

    Glad to hear your little one is alright.

    Thanks. As long as she is alright, It’s another wonderful day again! welcome to “I am Elizabeth”. 😛

  2. veron Said,

    Hi Elizabeth mommy,

    I am Veron, saw ur blog which you wrote ur litt angel is on Bonmil Milk, i would like to hear
    ur comment on this milk, my son will be 1yrs old by next month, i’m thinking of switching to
    Organic milk powder instead of the commercial one. Hope you to hear from an experience one.

    The taste is great. And, no constipation problem. I choose organic milk because she used to allergic to milk. And, commercial milk seems causing constipation and allergy, but not organic milk. So I stick with organic milk. I think if evaluating through the rich milk taste, Bonmil is kind of pure. As most commercial milk power seems tasteless if compared to Bonmil. I think you can try on your baby for 1 or 2 months, so roughly find out weather your baby or you like it or not.

    Nice to meet you. 😛

  3. Yen Said,

    Hi,i just bought a tin for my soon to be 1yo girl.. Just wana some assurance that this milk powder is safe fr melamine?n how do you start giving your girl wf Bonmil?do you follow instructions o just give half cup to start with o mix in food…etc

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