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Skating Progress #1

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 28, 2009

Daddy said:” I want to see her skating.” (It’s been some time daddy never join us in the playground.)

Alright! Here you go.

LOL! Please roll! Mummy is taking video, you don’t have to post. Hahahaha……

Anyway, at least she is sliding on her own. Yeah… But, it’s still like walking. Hahaha……

May be mummy should buy a pair of skates and show her how to roll like the wind. Do you want to join us, daddy? 😉

To this little one, playground time is precious. If it’s at home, she enjoys digging out mummy’s necklaces, diamond rings, make ups, skin cares,bras and even sanitary pads. And, mummy get a shock when she was trying to show mummy how to use the sanitary pad. OMG! Hahaha……


I want to show daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 27, 2009

Now, 39 degree. Hot! Very hot! And, vomited this morning. When she vomited, she said:” I want to show daddy.” (Because mummy is still sleeping. LOL!) Poor girl!

One after another, first it’s daddy. Now, it’s little Elizabeth. And, it’s always like that. By the way, she already took the medicine. Mummy will cook jelly for her later. May be more oranges for her too. And, longer TV time. So that it appeared to be a lucky day to her.  :)

In fact, she is playing happily. Very good girl. And, it’s so pitiful to see her crying out loud while mummy is trying to feed her the medicine. Sorry, baby! :(


Surprise from RB Communication

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 26, 2009

Mummy is studying a lot on SM recently. So interested in helping my little princess to develop her right brain. Unfortunately, there is no SM school in Penang. So, I bought a book on SM and try to learn from it.

I started to communicate with my girl through thoughts before or after she sleep. One simple try. Normally, she will wake up around 9 to 10 am. So, I told her to wake up on 8am every morning. Remember, it’s a silent communication, only through thoughts. Surprisingly, she did it! It works so well for the past 3 days. Hard to believe. But, it’s so attractive. Hopefully, it continues to work for the days to come. LOL!

Obviously, our right brain is so powerful. But, it works in a very different way. So, I also try to play background music for her while she was reading. Besides, I play some learning CDs for her too while she was playing. It becomes so convenient to do it when I recorded all the needed sounds into MP3 players.

Supposedly, these methods are easier for her to remember what’s on the book when there is soft background music on play.  And,  she will also stored all the ABCs and 123 into her brain unknowingly, if we play the learning CDs for her during her play time.

Well, this is nothing difficult. Worth trying. And, with no expectation, there is always surprises. 😉


Hello, Poh Poh

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 22, 2009

 2 days ago……

Liz:”Can we go to “Poh Poh” house?”

Yesterday, “Gong Gong” called. She was so happy. She wanted to answered the phone. Usually, she will just listen. And, surpirse! For the first time, she started to respond while daddy was hinting her at the side.

“Hello, Poh Poh.”

“Hello, Gong Gong.”

“I miss you, Poh Poh.”


But, in a very soft voice tone, as soft as the mouse making noise. Hahahaha……

Good try! Happy for you, baby! Anyway, “Poh Poh” is leaving to Bangkok soon. May be we will visit “Poh Poh” tomorrow for one last time before “Poh Poh” fly. 😛


I am a baby musician

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 19, 2009

Last weekend, we go no where but only stay at home besides sending little Elizabeth to Kinder Beat. Daddy and mummy knew she was kind of boring. So, we finally spend an hour on the beach upon request. This lovely princess loves beach. :)

But last weekend, we had wonderful time in “Poh Poh” and “Gong Gong” house.

Cool! Mummy’s future pianist! Ops… she can even become a composer. As composing music becomes so easy with the help of laptop computer and the software used to compose music. Hahaha……


No more TV

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2009

“She has to stop watching TV. Once toddlers are addicted to TV, it’s very hard for them to concentrate in their studies after 6 years old.”

That’s the comment mummy get from most experienced early childhood specialist. Alright! Mummy is not taking the risk anymore. Busy cutting down her TV time. You will have more TV time after 6 years old. Mummy promised! :)

In this case, little Elizabeth has to go back to school in June. The timing should be right now. As this little girl is hunger for friends now. Most importantly, nursery has good preparation for everyday activities compared to your home sweet home. Also, it’s good join your peers and learn some team work. 😛


Let’s read Newspaper

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 13, 2009

This is one of little Elizabeth’s good habit which really makes mummy feels so proud!

She will continue to flip other pages once mummy show her one or two interesting pictures in the newspaper. And, mummy really loves the way she flips and read the newspaper like a grown man. So… cute! 😛

As she goes through the news, mummy will tell her about everything. How car accidents happened, how to put out the fire of the burning house, what’s the use of skin care, what is efedrine, which hypermarket is on sale, what’s this, how’s that so and so on.

It’s good to know as much as you can. May it be about life, about science, about rules, and so much more. As mummy believes the more you know, the more you will understand. As you understand more, you just won’t stop looking for answers.

Thus, newspaper is certainly a great start! 😉



Posted by Everyday Healy on May 10, 2009

Good job! That’s lovely! And, a very good mother’s day gift too. Thanks you! In fact, you are the greatest gift mummy ever had. Thus, everyday is a mother’s day as mummy really enjoy your wittiness.   😛

Today, she is already 29 months and 1 week old. She has grown up a lot to be more witty and very imaginative. An absolute drama queen and quite a fantastic singer too! :PAlso, God bless! As she eats well, sleeps well and enjoys physical activities so much. Thus, very healthy. But, one problem. She just keep talking, singing and grumbling all day long. Luckily mummy has big ears. Hahahaha……


I got Lunch Boxes now

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 8, 2009

She got 2 new lunch boxes since Monday. And, she was so excited when she first took over it from mummy’s hand. The lunch box is simple. But has all the tasty food that she loves including Baskin Robin, McD ice cream, burger and french fries, pizza, sandwiches, Coca-cola, bread and hot dog.

Mmm… so yummy! She just keep biting, chewing, drinking and licking them everyday. Luckily they are not real food. Otherwise, it’s certain that she will need rapid weight loss pill . Hahaha……

These rubber food is so tiny and cute. Elizabeth really enjoy playing with them. And, that  lovely biting look, drinking sound, and licking style is certainly memorable! 😛

Anyway, we can actually split them out into pieces then fix it back in a whole again. Fantastic mechanism. What a rare and precious toys! Besides, they can still also turn to decorative items when this little girl no longer likes to play with them. Hehe……


Hotel for Dogs

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 6, 2009

So sorry, baby. These few days mummy just too busy. Busy getting new “kakak” for you, also busy watching Taiwanese drama series. Once in a while, just give mummy a little bit more of  “me”  time, ok? :)

Well, may be this little princess just won’t mind. As she has “Hotel for Dogs”.

So touching! She loves this movie so much! So do mummy. Anyway, she can watched it 3 times in a row in one whole day.  Hey, Girl! Many other mummies will surely warn me for giving you too much of TV time. LOL!

Frankly, mummy still take it easy. As mummy and daddy will do exactly the same thing for the movies we truly enjoy too. Mummy is not worry, as not every movie has the same effect on her.

It’s good to learn the caring and loving attitude from this movie too. And, mummy knows how much she loves dogs. Mummy actually feels so sorry sometimes for not getting a puppy for her. As mummy is worried that “Harry”will not accept another dog in this house. :(

Never mind. We can visit CTY every weekends like what we did now. Still so fun, right? Hehe……


Here we come Turtle Beach

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 3, 2009

We had a plan to visit the Tropical Fruit Farm. So, we were there around 11am. At the entrance, mummy started showing little Elizabeth the cempedak and durian tree. Then, before we step down to purchase the ticket….

Mummy: “There are more fruits and trees inside, you want to see? ”

Liz:”No. Go home!”

Then, little Liz just turned around and laid down on mummy’s shoulder. Straight away she fell asleep.  Alright! Let’s go home and have a good nap. Hahaha……

Obviously, fruit farm is not her cup of tea. How about round Island on a boat. So later when she wake up…..

Mummy:” Go Beach? See turtle?”

Liz:” Mm!”

Good! Here we come Turtle Island and Monkey beach!

“Yoo! Hoo!” She just keep shouting and screaming against the strong wind for fun. Loud and clear! 😉

 This life jacket is so irritating, Mummy! (After all, it’s her first time on the boat. Ha!)

 Need a little bit more careful walking on this wavy surface. But, I like it! Hehe……

Don’t make noise! Shh….. I am waiting for the monkey to come out.

Oh… you are so cute, little fish! Can I touch you? :)

Anyway, we only saw a few baby turtles in the so called Turtle Island. And, there is no time for Monkey Beach. As we spend all the time fishing on the boat right after Turtle Island. First time fishing on the deep sea, we had so much fun! Fantastic outing! And, this is what we get.

We fried it! We eat it! *Slurp* Exceptional fresh and yummy! Thus, we finished about 30 small fish within minutes.Then, we took fish and chips, also chicken chops as dinner again. Ops… That’s fattening! Well! What a wonderful Saturday! Extra ordinary family time! Who cares about dieting. There is always weight loss product. Hahaha……