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My new friend — Paul and Mary

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 5, 2010


It’s 12 of them in a set for only RM 70+ which mum bought from one of the booth at the International Story Telling event. They are not Peter and Jane but Paul and Mary. They are not my favourite too. But, I still read them.

As it’s good to learn some new facts from these books. I have learn about recycling plastic, what’s in the museum, camping and who is senior citizen from them.  :)

I especially like to read about camping and things in the museum. Somehow, I still prefer a book with many short stories in it. Best still if it’s fairy tales.  😉


Now they are complete

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 2, 2010

Once I am out from my dance class, mummy said I am very obedient and perform well in the class today. 😉

I did it! So she bring me to Tesco. But, we never walk into the hypermarket. We hang around in Popular book store instead. I love book shop cause I love to read so much! Hehe……

And, I finally found these 3 books which mum missed in “Early Readers” series. I am so happy! As now I have the complete set. :)

Normally, I like the whole collection. I will always ask mum to get all the others when I found pictures of other books in the series for the book that I have. :)


I am a Scholastic Book Club fans too

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 1, 2010


I like these 2 books so much. Mummy bought it from school. This is the first time mum buy books from Scholastic Book club. Now, she has become a fans of scholastic book club.

Good English! Great knowledge but easy to understand, thus easily remembered. Nice pictures too. Yet very cheap. Definitely worth more than what we pay. Hehe…… (Somehow, it take quite a long time for the books to reach us since we place the order. LOL!)

The pictures in “Old Turtle” are actually pictures of real paintings. Unbelievable! I love to read it even though I don’t really understand who and where is GOD. Cause the pictures is so real. 😉


What is momthr?

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 12, 2010

Since 3 months ago, little Elizabeth starts reading quite well. I think she can easily recognised up to 100 or 200 words now. This little princess loves to read the words on the billboard too. Frankly, mummy enjoyed her reading so much. Mummy feels really proud when I watched her reading story books. LOL!

By the way, I think bedtime stories with large printing really help her to start reading earlier. This little princess is trying to form words too while writing. She is still quite weak in spelling. Mostly, she will join some alphabets together. Sometimes, it is as weird as something like this — bcbsnc, which might seems nothing close to the word she is trying to write. Somehow, if it’s something like “momthr”, mummy can tell even if my little princess didn’t tell me it’s “mother”. May be mummy should buy scrabble to strengthen her spelling. 😛

Anyway, little Elizabeth get fantastic grammar practise from this book. It ain’t easy to find good grammar exercise book for little one below 6. And, this one from Popular is excellent. :)


I can tuck them on the Display Board now

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 12, 2010

See… Mummy had set up a new board for me to tuck all my drawings, cut and pastes or colorings on it. I enjoy coloring more now because I can tuck all my hands work on this board. And, Daddy will get to see it when he come back at night. Thanks to Auntie Dora. This is quite a great idea. 😉

I also like to share all my work with the others, including my friends daddy and mummy. LOL!

This display board is truly encouraging for me to work harder. But, hopefully I won’t become too boastful. Ha!


My New Keyboard

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 19, 2010

That’s your new keyboard. I guess you said you want because your class friend bought one too. Somehow, mummy say yes as you still need to practice what you’ve learned in your music class. And, mummy appreciates it! Bravo! That was so real!  You said it was the Chinese version “Christmas Tree”. That’s a great performance! Hahahahaha……

You only play it once every few days. Trying to explore all the auto play songs , tones and rhymes besides practicing what you’ve learned. Good start! 😛

Anyway, thanks for not playing rough and taking good care of it. As it’s not as durable as the outdoor furniture. Thus, mummy even covered it with cloth to avoid dust spreading on the keys. Hahahaha……


Wisdom Star is my favorite now

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 17, 2010

Weekend is always fun. At least I get to watch more cartoons. But, I found a great pass time now. When I am not allowed to watch TV, this is what I play with.

Of course. I do play with some other toys like my play dough, kitchen and cooking sets. Somehow, I like this Wisdom Star the most. It’s my favorite now. I will ask mummy to play with me before I sleep, after school, once I wake up from afternoon nap. About 4 pages a day. 😉

And, I am glad that mummy bought the Level 2 set for me. 😛

Yeah… Wisdom Star is definitely worth its price even though it is not a promotional products. Set in Chinese is always cheaper. Luckily mummy knows mandarin. Ha! Most importantly, mummy is so happy that you actually loves IQ games like this until you are willing to forgo your cartoons. Thanks to Wisdom Star.  LOL!


Let’s go Book “Share”

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2009

Mummy:” Do you want more books, little book worm? How about we go to book fair later?”

Liz:” Ya. Ya. Ya. I want to go book “share”. ”

Mummy:” Oh, dear! It’s Book “fair”, baby.”

Liz:” Book f…air.”

Mummy:” Yeah… Book fair. Let’s go!” :)

So, we hopped into the car about 4.50pm and reached the Popular Year End Clearance Book Fair at One Stop Shopping Mall on 5.10pm. Then as we look around……

Liz:” Mummy, I think I like this.”

Liz:”Mummy, I want this one.”

Mummy:”Ok. Ok. How about some IQ games?”

Liz:” Yes! Yes!”

The basket seems getting heavier and heavier. Finally, this is it!

You were so happy of course. But, mummy nearly empty my purse. In fact, mummy had took a few choices out to sustain some reserves for parking. Hahahaha……

So do you love me? I still remembered you said:” Daddy, come and watch TV with me, because I love you!” That’ was few days ago. That doesn’t sounds like a book worm at all. That’s street smart! And, I like it! 😉


I have 6 new Books

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 15, 2009

She is reading. Nope! It’s mummy. Since last week until now, mummy is reading each and every of these books for her every night. Yeah… it’s her new books. Thus get so excited and interested. Anyway, mummy finds the Early Readers Large Print Reading Scheme from MPH is good. So, mummy actually get the other 3 in the set for her yesterday.  :)

She really loves books. This little wild bee will turn to a well behave Shitzu while mummy was reading for her. Exceptionally patient!  So, mummy keep on buying books. I think just give us a few years, the collection of  her books might made up a mini library.

And, we hardly throw away books. So including all the books mummy and daddy bought for ourselves, the long distance movers should be laughing, if we called up for packing. Then, daddy will be like “Why are we buying so many books in the first place?” while settling the bills. Hahahahaha……


Chop Chop A to Z

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 8, 2009

Last 2 days, little Elizabeth was kind of bored cause mummy had stop her from watching TV. Sorry, darling! But, mummy really got to do something. As the TV has taken away your interests on tracing ABCs, coloring, playing cooking stuffs and so on.  :(

May be because you are too “familiar” with all the old toys? Let’s go to ToyRUs. So, mummy bought this for her last Saturday at ToyRUs.

She chose it herself. And, mummy thought:” It was great! This is a good tool to learn spelling.” Look! How much she enjoyed chopping from A to Z.

She certainly loves chop chop! But, this set of A to Z chops seems attractive to her only for the first 2 days. :roll:


What people do

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 7, 2009

Even though yesterday was just sending little Elizabeth to music class and taking her out to dinner, but she seems happy. And, we just stay at home going no where today. Still, she never complain. Why? Cause she is quite clingy to the TV now. :roll:

Mummy did notice this unhealthy changes since a week or 2 ago. So, mummy thought of letting little Elizabeth to start playing puzzles. So, we bought lots of puzzles last week. Sad to see that she actually showed no interest in all of them, except this one.

So, you are interested in all the occupations and what are the tools their using to conduct their work? Is that means you are ready for more technical things now. Hopefully, it’s not the time to split the toy cars or watches into pieces yet!

Anyway, mummy realized she is quite attentive when mummy explained to her about what is this or that can be use for now. So, we can start from easy ones such as why do we need wireless alarms in the house. Then, go deeper by showing her how to operate the alarm and how does the alarm functions. :)


1 Violin, 2 Rein deers, 3 Staplers………

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 29, 2009

According to mummy’s observation, this little cheeky loves music and maths. So, must continue the counting. Not only 1 to 20. And, she just keep on asking mummy to read the numbers and counts together with her ” 1 Violin, 2 Rein deers, 3 Staplers………, 49 alarm clocks, 50 puppies” as she get this little book since Saturday.

So, it’s 1 to 50 now. 😉

Besides, mummy also bought some white plain cards yesterday. Planning to print some dot cards for little Elizabeth. Say, 50 to 100?  Since mummy is going to print, how about starting a printing lesson for Elizabeth too? Somehow, I am sure she can handle it immediately, if she got a chance to sit in front of the receipt printer, watching the receipts being printed out non stop for all day long. Repetition always works. However, it should be terribly bored, isn’t it? LOL!


What a little book worm

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 28, 2009

Mummy had a nice talk with her school principle last week. According to the principle, books are her favourite compared to other Montessori materials. Just like what happen at home. She prefers books much more than toys. What a little book worm! Hahahaha……

So, we went to Popular bookstore at Queensbay Mall on last Saturday. Frankly, she was so happy. And, these were what she get.

Liz:” I want to read the donkey!” That’s what she keep complaining as she saw a set of 4 books clearly printed at the back of every of  these storybooks. So, she finally get it just now. As we visited Gurney Plaza’s Popular bookstore.


Innertalk for Elizabeth

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 19, 2009


These “Whole Brain Audio Subliminal Method” which carry the title of  “Successful Child” and “Genius Power” are from Innertalk. They are specially bought for my little princess.

So that good affirmations such as “I am happy”, ” I enjoy school”, “I am a good student”, “I like people”, “I can concentrate easily”, ” I learn easily”, “I do my best” , “I make friends easily”, “I am patient”, “I am attentive” from the title “Successful Child” will be input for little Elizabeth subconsciously and will help her to like her school life.

Just like an insurance. But, not the ordinary life or business insurance. It’s for her happy life, be it in school or at home with positive thoughts and attitudes. What do you think? After all, mummy really believe in the power of subconscious brain. It’s absolutely worth trying.

By the way, she started using it since Sunday. Nothing great has yet to be seen. Of course, mummy understand that this products need time to work well. So, just have faith. Wait and see. :)


Simple Drawing books

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2009

We were at book fair yesterday after little Liz finished her Kinder Beat. Not much for her. Only one book.

And, these are the pictures in it. Simple. Thus, should be easy to learn. There are also soldiers, girls and cartoon figures in this book. But, Dinosaurs are her favorite.

Anyway, she can’t really draw anything out yet. No particular shape or figure. Just some lines, curves and circles. Never mind. Mummy can see that she is trying. And, She loves it. :)

Well, It’s time for mummy to encourage this little ones to imagine how she draws out the trees, raining scenes, waterfalls, and animals. Of course, mummy will continue to widely expose her to nature, or may be nice architectures, lively pictures and beautiful designs.  That would be fun right, darling? 😉

Who know that you might want to become an architect or fashion and pearls jewelry designer . If that’s the case, knowing how to draw is certainly very important. Hehe……

At this age, drawing is certainly good for toddler’s brain development, especially right brain development.


Multiple Intelligence Game

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 24, 2008

Elizabeth really get lots of presents recently. May be it’s because of the Holiday Sales. But, partly also because mummy was amazed by her learning power now. Definitely, it’s the time to receive all information and skills. So, I keep buying books and educational toys or games for her. 😛

And, I strongly recommend this game for developing the kids multiple intelligence.

It’s colorful! Light! Innovative! As they are just pieces of spunge with thin magnet at the back. Then, magnet board is provided at one side of the file. There are doted pictures for beginner to practise in creating specific things with shapes in it. There are also many other examples in the instruction book. 

Elizabeth gets to learn colors, shapes, creative arts, geometry, and the use of magnet through this game set. This set is really very attractive for kids creativity development. 😉

Good to play together. Convenient to keep and easy to bring around. Guess how much it is? Only about RM25. In my opinion, this is so much beter than those heavy wooden toys.



WOW! Bumble Bees

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 19, 2008

Elizabeth actually can follow all the things taught in the Learning VCD quite well. In fact, the educational VCDs are still the most effective educational tools for her. Mummy feels so proud when I heard her says:”A…B…C… D… up to Z” and blue, red, purple, black plus all the other colors and things. So do daddy.

But, it’s been some time mummy never add in new VCDs. Since she is no longer baby, it’s time to buy some new learning VCDs for toddlers or kids. 😛

 And, these are what we get last Sunday. Four from the famous Bumble Bees. And, another one is modified dance music type of nursery rhythms called:” WOW!”. Mummy especially recommended the”Opposite” from Bumble Bees and “WOW!”


Learn through Observation

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 8, 2008

We have stopped visiting the bookshop ever since little Elizabeth was sick. It’s been 2 weeks. If tomorrow we still do not go to the bookshop, then mummy might have to get her some Amazon books for kids.

But, she loves to go out. Thus, mummy will try to get the time to bring Liz to the bookshop tomorrow. It should be the first time we visit MPH ever since we got this study plan. 😛

Anyway, I wish I can find more Observation Series for 2 years old, which is something like the graphic tools that I show you below. I bought it from Popular Bookstore.

It’s like a calender, inside there are many level of small pictures in pieces for the kids to flip through.

Topic ( showed at the top left by graphic) : Find the same object

Topic: Find the animal as what the draft on top showed

Topic: Look for one of the things in the pictures on the top

There are also same graphics for big and small comparison, find out the skin texture of various fruits, search for one part of the complete puzzles, look for the body parts which the kids in the picture point to and a few more other topics.

According to what I know this is an ideal learning tool for kids brain development. It should be helpful to strengthen their memory too.


Shopping Queen

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 18, 2008

Since Elizabeth has recovered from her flu, mummy wondered are we going to shopping again this weekend? Even if it’s a window shop, my little shopping queen just won’t mind too! 😛

Last Saturday, Elizabeth was enjoying herself at Gurney Plaza.

LOL! Are you stepping on someone’s eyes? Look down, girl! Didn’t you see that big eye? hahaha……

This is colorful. Lovely! “Mummy do you want to join me?” (Yeah… Thanks to MAC make up road show. This is one of the colorful bean bags placing on the floor of its booth.)

My girl is a shopping queen. She loves shopping. Almost every week she will at least get a chance to visit one of the shopping mall in Penang.

Mummy and daddy like to see my girl smile and laugh while hanging in the shopping mall. She became very excited and active as she entered the mall. May be there is always so many things to see and touch in the shopping mall.

After all, kids learn when they see something. Elizabeth got a chance to feel whatever she touch too! At least not as boring as reading ABC. 😉


Buy Educational Toys

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 14, 2008

Do you buy educational toys for your children, especially toddlers. I believe in interactive toys. Thus, most of Elizabeth’s toys are those that so called “educational toys”. Anyway, we should find the interactive toys that suitable for our kids’ age group.

Also, music can be very stimulating. In my opinion, music has the power to stimulate our babies brain function. So, we should look for toys with interesting music. In this context, mummy likes “Leap Frog” so much!

I am amaze with the “Leap Frog” creative ways of music presentation. Somehow, it is so different from others. Very joyful! Something that can really make us dance. 😉

I am so glad that daddy bought the “Leap Frog” learning table for baby Elizabeth as her 1st birthday present. Very interesting! It’s one of her favorite. Besides, it is just as solid as billet grilles. 😛


Dig, Dig, Dig

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 14, 2008

Kids can be very curious. Elizabeth started to check mummy’s handbag, the plastic bags that mummy bring home form supermarket, hypermarket and wet market.

And, she will be very happy if she found something she is familiar with in the bag. For example, her “Mamypoko”, Bonmil or grapes. However, mummy is surprise that she can be cheer up by cans too, especially if she gets a tiny small cans.

What’s this? Mm! Just read the label first. 😛

See… I can shake it! It’s cute! I like red! 😛

Mummy think it’s all right to let my little princess dig around. I always let it be even it’s a bit mess up. Somehow, we parents have to understand that toddlers learn from touch and feel.


Elizabeth has new books

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 16, 2008

Through experience, Mummy realized that little Elizabeth does not like flash cards, she prefers books, especially those that separates the pictures of each item one by one like this.

Yes! These are her 4 new books. These 4 are in a set. It’s another set of baby first words books. It’s simple, neat and all the pictures are so real. I think these 4 titles has so much for little Elizabeth to learn. They show things at the shop, in the garden, at home and at the nursery school.

Yesterday, I bought them all from the book exhibition at the ground floor of Gurney Plaza, Penang. I quickly grab it once I see the price. It’s only RM3 ( About USD0.90) each. That’s a very good deal, isn’t it? 😛

To me, it’s under priced as it is in good quality. At this price, I might feel the pinch if little Elizabeth tears them into pieces. But, at least it won’t be so hurt! 😉


My favourite books

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 23, 2008

These are my 2 favorite books. I won’t get bored flipping them many times. And, I can actually point to most the things from the books now when mummy asked verbally. 😉

I can recognize baby, banana, bread, teddy bear, ball,dog cat, horse, duck, tiger, elephant, giraffe, sunglasses, rubber ring, hat, toothbrush, flowers, and Barney from these 2 books. ( The “First 100 words” is very useful. )

In fact, these 2 books were bought long ago. And, recently mummy actually bought other books for Elizabeth, But, she don’t seems interested. Somehow, mummy will keep buying books for her. Not that mummy wants her to become a book worm. But, it’s good for Elizabeth to like books and learn how to read.

So, may be mummy need to download some online coupon codes to buy some other new books for little Lizzy again. Hopefully she will like it this time. Mummy like free coupons as they really help mummy to save a lot! 😉


Charity Animation

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 2, 2008

I think Elizabeth will fall in love with this “Donkey Ollie” immediately after she sees it. Elizabeth loves animals. I guess most kids like animals. Thus, we really got to thanks Car Angel (www.carangel.com) — a non-profit company that uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens.

In fact, they have given away over 2.4 million videos. This is a great effort that not just about charity. It’s all the future of the precious little ones. I am sure the kids and teens will get excited with this cute and funny “Donkey Ollie”. So do Elizabeth. And, if these young ones followed the adventure of this “Donkey Ollie” closely, soon they will turn to someone who is well mannered.

Anyway, weather there will be more and more “Donkey Allie” adventures to help mold the kids future, it all depends on your willingness to become the next car angel. Any boat, plane, house, RV or car donation to Car angel will be use to create more educational videos like this for the kids and teens.


There are Pros and Cons

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 2, 2008

Now… I have learn something from Lena. I actually sign up for it’s newsletter. And, this is something I want to share with you:

New study finds baby DVDs and Videos may hinder infant language development

Rather than helping babies, the over-use of such productions actually may slow down infants eight to 16 months of age when it comes to acquiring vocabulary, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Frankly, I think it’s quite true as my girl is always on Brainy baby, Barney and  Baby Einstein.  And I felt she has been bubbling for too long. Her vocabulary is quite poor. However, She learned lots of actions and she is very friendly and responsive.

So, it’s up to you to decide weather you want your baby to expose to the educational DVDs like what I’ve did.