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Elizabeth likes Balloon

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 25, 2007

When our whole family were having some drinks and enjoyed ourselves at Gurney Place, Elizabeth were having fun walking and playing around there too. And, she get really excited when she saw the balloon of the little girl sitting at the next table. At first, she keep looking at it, then she began to make noise and insist to go near it. At last, she just loose her patient and was about to cry…

Immediately, I asked the family at the next table where they bought this balloon. And, I quickly promised her that I will get one for her now. I think she can perfectly understand us now. Once I carried her, she stop her tantrum.

So, we walk all the way to the stall. Once she saw it, she was so happy. She keep smiling while pointing to the balloons. And, she even want to choose her own. That surprise me actually. I did not expect her to  reject the one I chose for her. But, she did. And, she point to the other one and happily accept it when I get the one she chose for her. LOL! My girl really has grown up! 😆

She enjoyed playing with her Penguin Balloon so much for the whole night. Even for the next day and now.  And, she can show me the eyes and the mouth of the penguin, if I asked her to. On the other hand, she will point to the mouth of the penguin and then her own mouth if no one asked her. I guess she just want to tell us that’s the mouth. Mummy’s little baby, you are so cute! 😛


Do you miss me?

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 21, 2007

I am sick for the past few days. So no mood to play. However, I start cruising around the house now. And, mummy is not going miss all the wonderful moments during my birthday party. I guess she busy with blogging again.

She is going to show you something I am good at now.

It’s Kissing. Since my birthday, I kiss my cousins, my grandma, my mum, my dad, my uncle and even “Pooh Pooh”. This new “Winne The Pooh” bag is my favorite birthday present. It’s from my “GuGu” — Uncle Bill. He seems know me well. I like it so much! Thus, I kiss and kiss… and kiss it non stop.

Also, this is the first gift he bought using his own hard earn money. He works for 3 days standing in the Shopping Mall as a sales representative before my birthday. And, this gift was bought with his salary. Mummy is proud of him.

These days I always kiss my teddy bears and “Patrick” the dog too. 😛

Besides, dad and mum enjoyed I kiss them good night. Anyone here want a kiss from little Elizabeth too? It’s never too far away as Elizabeth can send flying kisses now. 😉


It’s Coxsackie

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 19, 2007

This time is not common fever. It’s Coxsackie ( hand, foot and mouth disease). I finally brought Lizzy to the hospital as her fever gone real high during Monday midnight. At that time, it’s 40 degree. I was nervous. I call my mum up and swap my girl together with her for about one hour after feed her with paracetamol.

Then, straight away to GMC tomorrow morning. However, before I get her to the hospital. I found out that my mum vomit for 2 times since early morning. OMG! Not another one. First was my girl, then her dad. And, here comes my mum! What am I going to do? 😥

I am quite panic actually. Luckily daddy decided to take one day off to stay with me and accompany me to the hospital. Anyway, my girl was not hospitalized. And, she seems to have better appetite after the injection of antibiotics. But, she still have to go for the 3rd injection tomorrow to finish the treatment. I am upset with her throat ulcer. But, she has been very sensible for the past few days. Not much crying. And, she still swallow all the medicines even though she showed a little bit of tantrum.

Her paediatrician stress that if her condition improves tomorrow, then she will be out of danger. So, let’s pray for the best. And, here is my mum’s condition.


Fever again

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 17, 2007

I am having fever since Saturday night. May it related to my fall or simply because I am teething. Thus, my body temperature raise. Anyway, mummy become so worried. But, I am getting really irritated with the process of testing temperature, taking medicine and swapping. Thus, I cried a lot today.

Mummy was thinking she is going to send me to the pead tomorrow to make a thorough check as my temperature is quite high this time . However, I seems get better now. So, hopefully mummy can get a good sleep tonight. And, I just don’t have to visit my pead by tomorrow. No more medicine for me please! And, I certainly don’t want to be hospitalized.

However, daddy’s flu is getting serious. He even dare not go near me tonight. Oh! Poor daddy, his flu started last night. And, hopefully he will get well tomorrow. So that we can play together again.  :)


I fell

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 15, 2007

Now, mummy is supposed to continue blogging for my birthday party cause daddy is still waiting for my “stunt”. However, mummy felt so bad today as she let me fell in the toilet and hit my head ( back part) badly. Even though there were no bruise, but I cry like there is no tomorrow for about 15 minutes. Already break record. It’s painful! 😥

Mummy nearly cry out loud too. She feels so sorry. As usual, mummy were bathing for me this afternoon and playing with me in the pale. However, I don’t feel like staying in the pale anymore after a while. Mummy feel strange. But, she never get me up. So… I got no choice, but for the first time I “poop” inside my “bath tub”.

So, mummy quickly get me out of the pale. And, she intend to wash my backside with the pipe water. Thus, she let me stand on my own while she is grabbing the pipe. End up I slip as I try to move my first step. Then, my head bang straight onto the floor. It’s like the sleeping position if you try to imagine. Straight away, I cried out loud!

Don’t you think mummy is too careless? Even though daddy did not scold mummy either. But, mummy feels terribly bad! :sad:

Warning: Never let your baby stands alone when the floor is wet!


1st Birthday Party (Part 2)

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 14, 2007


We still prepare other food at that night including fried bee hoon, fried mee, curry chicken. And, we have salad as appetizer and mix fruit jelly as dessert. Of course, as Chinese, “red eggs” ( actually is just normal boil egg, but we die it red) are the must have item while celebrating birthday. And, everyone who attend the celebration should take 1. However, if you ask me why, I am not sure. 😆

Lizzy, please remember that your 1st birthday party is actually a BBQ party. However, mum really got no time to snap a pic on the BBQ stuffs. So sorry ya, my dear!

And, we have all sorts of fizzy drinks. Even though 3 of the little ones including Lizzy were drinking Ribena.

And, look at her presents…

Thanks to all of the family members especially those that come far away from Ipoh.  I appreciate all of your efforts, be it attending the party or giving presents to my little one year old. Really thank you very much! 😛

There are 2 families from Ipoh. However, there is one that everyone of you here could be quite familiar with. That’s Justin, Isabelle, and Shoppingmum husband & wife. In fact, it’s been months we never get a chance to get together. So… I am glad that we enjoy the gathering this time. 😆

To be continue…


1st Birthday Party (Part 1)

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 13, 2007

I guess everyone is waiting for the updates about Lizzy’s birthday party. Even daddy keep asking me why he still can’t see anything about her birthday in the blog. Mummy is so sorry, Lizzy. I am doing it now, ok?

It’s show time now! 😛

Dear Lizzy, mummy got a house for your 1st birthday. Hopefully few years later when you look back into these photos, you will still fall in love with this cake. As mummy make the choice, I think you would prefer something really colorful and triking. So, I pick this “Red Mushroom House”.

Now that you got a house, may be I will get you a doll next time. And, I promise I will bake a beautiful birthday cake for you in the future with my own 2 hands. And, mum and dad also think that this 3D cake from Coffee Bean Cafe really worth its price as it did appeared more attractive than the sample photo.

Anyway, this 3kg chocolate butter cake definitely looks great from the outside but taste normal for the inside. Most of our family members are not happy with the taste during the party. It’s hard! You know why? That’s your mum’s fault as mummy shouldn’t place it so long in the fridge. The cake is still cold and a bit hardening when we cut and distribute it to everyone.

However,when we ate the cake after it had been defrost during the next day, the chocolate taste became so rich and hardness of the cake is just nice. Anyway, the sugar paste used to create the house was meant to throw away. Full of coloring and you will never like it once it melts in your mouth. It’s too sweet, just like you are seating sugar.

Besides, as cupcakes has become the recent “hot cake” for birthday, thus there are cupcakes for your birthday too. As I already took them out for some time before the party start, they are soft like cotton and taste fantastic! Also, how is the look? Nice, aren’t they? 😉

It’s all about cakes for this post. TO BE CONTINUE……


Let’s Party Tomorrow

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 7, 2007

Tomorrow is my little princess official birthday party which we only celebrate among family members. I guess my only concern is her 2 cousins. I am so glad that they manage to attend her birthday party as she really loves to have kids playing with her. After all, it’s her birthday party. She is the limelight and the party should be something delighting her.

At first, I wanted to invite all the mummies and the little ones that I know through blogging. However, I am not quite an organizer. I don’t think I can handle it well. So, I finally decided to make it simple. 😛

Next time ya… all my friends. I have to trained myself up to be good in organizing events first. But, I am looking forward to make such a big and meaningful party. Hopefully next year I can make it! 😉

Want to have a look at her birthday decoration? Check it out here.


Japs Style Baked Fish

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 6, 2007

This is another of my secret recipe for my baby. 😆

To prepare it, it is just as easy as the previous recipe of spaghetti.


1) A piece of Cod Fish. ( split it into 2 if it’s a big piece) Defroze it. And, make some cuts on the fish ( use the knife to make lines). In this way, it’s easier for the marinated source to sip in. Also, this is to make sure the inside of the fish is well cook too within that short baking time.

2) A slice of garlic. Chop it into very tiny pieces.

3) A bottle of Terriyaki source.

How to cook:

1) Marinate the fish with 1 1/2 teaspoons of Terriyaki source. ( it all depends of the size of your fish actually) Just don’t put too much to keep the taste lighter as it is for babies.

2) Spread the tiny sliced garlic on top of the fish.

3) Bake it for 5 to 10 minutes.

That’s it. The yummy “Marinated Terriyaki Cod Fish” is done. Elizabeth likes it. You can try it for your baby too. 😛

However, I only have the picture of the raw fish which already marinated with Terriyaki source. As I want to snap the finish product ( the cook fish), my maid already took it out from the oven and immediately smash it into small pieces. I am just too late. it’s not nice anymore. :sad:


Her 1st Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 4, 2007


3 days ago little Lizzy was sick. She got fever. However, I didn’t bring her to the doctor this time because I still have paracetamol  with me. For 3 days, I just watch her carefully. And, I did gave her paracetamol during the second day when her fever is about 39 degree. After 3 feeds, she finally recover the next morning. 

Time flies. Today is already my girl’s 1st Birthday. And, if you asked me how do I feel?  I felt like she has grown up a lot. Now that she is stronger. I am glad that finally her body system can quickly recover from her sickness. Also, I am proud that She can calls “Mama” now. And, she practical learn up those have been taught almost immediately. Even if we don’t teach her, she will still catch up all  the vocabulary through her own observation.

  • She is still in bubbling stage.
  • But, she already understand that if she wants to walk, she has to wear shoes.
  • She likes to walk in the garden.
  • She can remember where all the things kept.
  • She will open the cupboard on her own and take out the shoes to let us wear for her, every time she wants to walk in the garden.
  •  She still wake up every night for her milk.
  • Each time, she only take about 4 Oz pf milk. However, she prefer chocolate flavor now. Thus, instead of only Babynat, now I will add 1 scope of Dumex 1+ chocolate milk for her.
  •  If she wants milk and she was given with the wrong thing, says water, she will say “milk milk”.
  • Still no meat for her,  but lots of fish and vegetables.
  •  She will eat rice with soup sometimes, instead of only porridge.
  • She  has about 6 teeth now.
  • She is still taking jar fruits because she likes it so much.
  • She can walk very well.
  • She will say ” mai mai mai” means don’t want in Hokkien, if she rejects something.
  • She learn how to dance.  ( Just by waving her hands and turn round and round)
  • She likes to play with computers. (I think she just want to join us all as everyone in the house always on computer, including mummy, daddy, her uncle and her grandma. )
  •  Still very clingy to mummy.
  • Baby shows that she likes including Barney, Brainy baby, Bee Smart Baby and Baby Einstein. ( Baby Einstein is her favorite among all the other 3.)
  • She likes to play Peekaboo. And, she looks really cute when she is trying to bend her body a bit and so that she can look out for us while she is still half hiding behind the door.
  • She likes umbrella.
  • She like soft toys too including Patrick ( the dog), Teddy bears and Winnie the Pooh is her all time favorite.  ( In fact, she will hug her Pooh every now and then).
  • She can recognizes and relates things quite well. For example, if you ask her where is the Christmas tree, she will point to the ring that are using the same “grass” and red and gold deco too. Obviously, she understands that they look alike and both are meant for Christmas too. 😛
  • She can point out car, apple, toothbrush, comb, bear, dog, lion, swimming costume, banana, fish, bird, giraffe, elephant, shoe, flower, fan, snail, and so on.
  • She is quite concern with her things now. For example, if I show her something in the supermarket and mention that I’ve bought for her, she will ask me to take it once the cashier has packed it in the plastic bag.
  • Still very friendly.
  • Things that scare her and will make her cry:  someone with mustache, dogs’ bark, car horn, my dog.

That’s it for no, I think. Happy Birthday, my girl. Mum and dad loves you, my dear… And, you are doing well. Mummy is so proud of you. 😉

Her simple birthday party will be held on this coming Saturday. 😛