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My boyfriend

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen,Let me introduce to you, my boyfriend!

How about that? Handsome aye? Like I said, he is handsome, intelligent and funny! Hahahahaha………

I like him since last year. And, we are still boyfriend and girlfriend till now. Loyal aye? Hahahahaha………

I am so excited when I get to ride behind him. That’s so romantic. LOL! 😉

By the way, that’s my motorbike. My cool motorbike. Mum bought it cash and it requires the cheapest auto insurance and road tax, which actually cost RM 0. Cool aye? That’s why he can only fetch me surrounding the front pathway of my house. Hahahahahaha………

He came to my house last Friday and we drink water together. We wrap present, play cooking and set up party together. We played for 2 hours. That’s awesome! When he leave, I cried out loud. I want to be with you, my dear! LOL! Hahahahahaha………


I like Baby Megamind

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 26, 2011

I am certainly not a lazy bone. At first I was sitting straight. Slowly, I kind of sliding down a bit. Then I was leaning by the arm rest before I reached this position. Ha!

I guess mum have to nag on me about the importance of sitting straight again. :)

By the way, that’s Friday night. I got a new VCD. It’s Megamind. I like the baby Mega mind so much. It’s so cute! Thus, I kept on repeating the beginning part. I just never get bored with it.Obviously, I spend almost the whole night watching Megamind. I got all the freedom cause it’s Friday night. 😛

But, I did do some work and read before I drop off. Good girl aye? 😉


At Candyland

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 29, 2010


So this is what we did yesterday. Finally, I get to visit the Candyland and the new Straits Quay. Wow! What an enormous Christmas tree! What a nice fountain! What a great family day too! I like it! 😉


I said I want to do colouring. At first, I enjoyed colouring at the Candyland so much. But after a while, I lost patient. Eventually, I didn’t even finished colouring half of the picture. :(


Just look at my face. I am sure you can clearly see that I also did not like the games at Candyland.

I just enjoyed walking around, exploring the square and enjoyed the windy and refreshing sea front environment together with daddy and mummy.  :)


I love Cycling at Gurney Walk

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 11, 2010


Last week, it was a great weekend. While daddy was enjoying his favourite Caramel Latte at the Gurney Walk Coffee Bean , I was happily cycling around the open space. In fact, everyone of us were so relax while happily embracing the cool wind. 😛

I tried skating. But it just did not drive me crazy. Ha! Then, I am cycling quite often now as I get my new bicycle since 3oth of October. I like this bicycle so much. Cause it’s big and pink! And, it moves so much smoother than the old one. 😉

So, will cycling becomes my favourite sports in the future? Or I shall join daddy and uncle ZY play basketball together? If that happens, I might demand for personalized basketballs. LOL! Anyway, it seems that nothing can beat swimming. Swimming is the only apple of my eyes now. Hahahahahaha……

By the way, I enjoyed Coffee Bean’s hot vanilla so much that day after I have sweat a lot.

Mm…… It’s yummy! 😉


Wow! I am so…… full! 😛


Excuse me. Now I need to go to toilet. Hahahahahahaha……


I am going to a play

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 10, 2010

It’s the 2nd day little Elizabeth being absent in school. Fever again. :(

However, she finally learn to take medicine without screaming and sobbing. That’s something to celebrate! Cheers for my brave little girl! Ha! 😉

But, mum! I want to go picnic at school next Friday. I want to join my school’s fun holiday program too. Most importantly, I don’t want to miss “Wizard of Oz” on this coming Saturday. You know how much I love this story, don’t you? :(


At first, we bought this book last weekend. And, little Elizabeth was fascinated over this book. She just keep reading it over and over again. (I guess most of the new books was like her new found treasure. Ha!) Then coincidently, there is a play of “Wizard of Oz” in this coming weekend by Sri Pelita students at USM Dewan Budaya, this would be a great experience for little Elizabeth to learn how these students turn a story from the book to a real stage play. So mum bought this home in this afternoon.


The ticket to the drama — “Wizard of Oz”. Elizabeth just kept checking the tickets. She looked really excited! May her guarding angel bless her and make it all happen as her wish. :)


My favourite computer games

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 27, 2010

I am sure you can see what am I doing. Do you enjoy playing computer games like me? I did it almost every afternoon. Somehow, I have my limits. I will mostly call off after about 1 hour. In mum’s opinion, may be my eyes get tired.  😛

I like cooking games. I learn to click all the listed ingredients in pictures to make a dish. Sometimes, I lose as I can’t fulfil the target earning in the given time.  But, I will be cheering loudly if I get to next level. Yippee! 😉

Besides, I love dressing up the dolls with the beautiful clothes and accessories given in the dress up games.


No more just partying at school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 11, 2010


This is the first birthday party she attended outside her school. It was in August. It was at the Lafonis playground and the marrybrown  fast food chain in Time Square.

She was quite tense when she first saw the giant chipmunk. And, she actually fought for toys with her friends and cried in the playground too. :(

But she had a wonderful time getting herself wet and playing in the fountain before the birthday boys blew their birthday cake.

Then, mummy got to clean her only with her clean shirts as we did not bring towel with us. LOL!

Somehow, things changed since yesterday. She went to another friend’s birthday party yesterday at the same time and the same place as the first time.This time, she had fun in the playground and did not fight for toys any more. Also, she loved to be carried by the giant chipmunk.

Of course, she still get herself wet in the fountain again. Ha! Somehow, we got spare towel this time. Not a mess any more. Hehe……

However, mummy forget to bring camera this time. That’s why there is no picture. Sorry honey! :(


My little 3 years plus is always full of ideas

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 27, 2010

Liz:”Mum, I want to go camping.” Immediately I told mum while we were reading about camping from a story book. But, forest is too scary. Luckily, mum said we can build tent and camp in the garden. I like this idea. :)

And, you know I love cooking too. That’s my favourite pass time. I did it almost everyday. So, can we cook with fire while camping, mum? 😉

Er… That’s not appropriate in the garden, my dear. But nowadays, we have wood stove. Mummy really don’t mind to get one as food cook on fire woods always taste more yummy! 😛

Anyway, I suggested that we can make cake tomorrow about 20 minutes later. And, I was jumping for joy when mum said she will buy flour and make cake together with me tomorrow. 😉

My little 3 years plus is always full of ideas. LOL! May be we can simply make pancake for breakfast first before you go to school tomorrow. How about that, baby? Happy? Satisfied? 😛


Funny Scarecrow

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 20, 2010

When I was at the event of International Story Telling Day on Saturday, I came across something interesting that truly eye catching.

How about that? Mum said this is recycle art. And, I love them all. They are funny “scarecrow”! Hahahahahaha……….

I remembered I made a hat using newspaper together with mum before. Somehow, I can’t stand the sticky glue any more after I have stocked layers and layers of newspaper. So I gave up before the hat work done. :(

Please be more patient next time, honey! We shall try again, ok? :)


I enjoy the story so much

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2010

I like to follow all the actions and sing along with her.”The turnip was stuck, the turnip was stuck, the turnip was stuck……Oh, Yes! Oh, No! Oh, Yes! Oh, No! ” I am still singing this while I am in my bathtub just now after I came home from this International Story Telling Event held at Youth Park this morning. It was fun!

But, the weather was too hot. So I told mummy I want to come back earlier. Hehe……

This is another story teller from England. In fact, I was first in this tent with Auntie Michelle. As it’s too crowded so mum can only pass be to Auntie Michelle who is sitting at the front row so that I can enjoy the story. Nice story too. But, I like the turnip story best. 😉

So we came back around 2pm. Unfortunately, I am not feeling well now. Fever again! 😯

Obviously I can’t stand the boiling heat at Youth park just now. But, I don’t want to be sick! :(


I am having fun with Kiddie Rides

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 27, 2010

I have fully recovered from Coxsackie since Sunday.

Liz:”Mummy, I want to go to school.” *Sob Sob* (Mummy was so glad when Elizabeth starts crying, wanted to go back to school. Ha!)

It’s kind of boring to stay at home. I want to go out but I can’t drive a real car. :(Never mind. As long as there are kiddie rides for me. I love kiddie rides. They are just like my battery operated motorbike. They are all auto drive. I just don’t have to learn how to drive. I don’t even have to pay road tax or busy searching the one with best service from the list of car insurance companies. What’s so fun about driving on the road! Hahahahaha……

Unfortunately, I can’t make this plane fly as my legs are not long enough to reach the pedals.  :roll:

I will be jumping for joy if I can go to the mall and play with the kiddie rides like last Saturday instead of just staying at home. LOL!


My first singing Competition

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 6, 2010

Tomorrow has no school cause it’s a public holiday. Little Elizabeth was enjoying herself so much playing freely in the house after school till now. Since it’s an extra family day, mummy is still thinking what we can do tomorrow.

Shopping might be a good idea if I can’t think of other. As sometimes there are interesting activities in the mall. Such as the singing competition organized by Anakku last month right in front of Gurney Plaza.

As we pass by the promotional bus……

Promoter:”Do you want to sing?”Liz:”Yes!”Since you are so excited, why not give it a try. As we walked up to the bus, there was a small waiting hall with sofa.

See… Little Elizabeth was so patient and happy while waiting for her turn. She even starts singing.  😛

Then, she was asked to sing in the recording room. She just kept looking at the man who did the recording. And, singing from very soft to almost no voice coming out.

Mummy:” Mmm… Can you sing louder, baby? Or you just want to leave now?”

She quickly nod her head and we walked out of the room in no time.

Mummy:”I thought you said you want to sing?”

Liz:”I want to sing on the stage. Not a room.” Wow! Looks like she already learn to protect her ego in such a young age. :)

By the way, that’s a great experience for this little girl. As she might not know what’s the motorhome insurance. But at least, she was being exposed to the idea of making rooms or home in the bus or van, which so called motorhome now. Besides, she gets to see what’s a recording room.


I like to eat in the dark

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 1, 2010

A little girl who doesn’t need pronexin yet already enjoying her candle light dinner with romantic piano plays. That’s what we did after we came back form the beach on Sunday night. How about that? Thanks to daddy. Mummy have to admit that having a “creative” daddy definitely makes a different to your childhood life. It’s such fun! 😛

Well, it was too dark. Can hardly see your face. Can we switch on  the lights now? Liz:”No! I like eating in the dark.” :roll:

Taa… Daa… It’s curry chicken! That’s what we eat for the romantic candlelight dinner. Hahahahaha…….

Mummy can never forget yesterday’s candle light dinner. Will you? Eating curry chicken in such dark environment, it is the first and probably the last time ever. However, mummy is glad that this simple candle light dinner setting did make you laugh out loud. 😉


Playing at the Beach

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 29, 2010

Yesterday, I just swim at home. But, I am content with it. Then, we planned to go to the beach this morning. Unfortunately, everybody sleep until 10 a.m. Mummy said it’s too hot at this hour. May be tomorrow morning. :)

So, this is my all time favourite. I love to go to the beach. In fact, I just had a great time at the beach on Thursday.

It’s such fun! We went home as the sky turned dark. :)

I guess if mummy told you that we can actually have barbecue party at the beach, you little party queen will get even more excited. I am sure my curious little one would love to find out how to set up fire and grill yummy food right on the beach without using the electric grill. Mummy promised this is going to be more fun than picnic at the beach. 😛


I am a sexy school girl

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2010


Wow! Sexy School Girl! So cute!  😉

Today, I enjoy playing pretend about going to school. It’s such fun! But, I don’t want to wake up so early and go to school every morning. I want to stay at home!

I cried again this morning.

Liz:”I don’t want to go to school.” *Woo…Woo……*

Mummy:”Oh, girl. Don’t cry anymore. You need to go to school everyday. That’s your work.”

Liz:”Today got no school, mummy.”

Mummy:”Oh, Liz. Quickly brush your teeth and get up to the car. You have been really naughty. I think you become Elizabeth lazy bone now.”

Liz:”I want to go walk walk.”

Mummy:”No more walk walk today. Cause you get up late and wasting all the time on crying and throwing tantrum. That’s it! Mummy won’t pampered you anymore. Mummy never really force you to do anything. But, schooling is the only thing you must do everyday. You already grown up. Stop crying. You must learn to follow certain rules and regulation now. Do things that you might not like, but you just need to do it willingly for your own good. ” *Mummy raised up my voice and starring at you at the same time*

Wow! She is truly angry this time. 😯 Better don’t challenge her. I kept very quiet and stopped crying. LOL!


Excuse me, the stool is so dirty!

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2010

This time, mummy will let the photo shots to tell the story.


At first, you were washing the standing stool. Eventually, you continue washing to floor after you have done with stool washing. Ha! This was what happened around 12.30 am last night. You slept earlier at 8 pm. Thus, woke up and mingled around for 2 hours during midnight. And, this was something interesting to do in the middle of the night. Hahahahahaha……

I supposed you like your new standing stool so much! Anyway, We both had fun! You were so cute! 😉

Also, mummy like this style of creativity. You are encourage to do so. As if you can find something to do with the household stuffs everyday, mummy will definitely save lots of money from buying toys. Hahahahaha……


Welcome to my beautiful little town

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 12, 2010


You spent lots of time playing with this beautiful little town on Sunday. First you help Sue to build it. Then, you took out your little princess dolls, dress them up and make them dancing, walking and hanging around this beautiful town. 😉

Besides, mummy, granny and uncle Bill took you to shopping at Tesco and also took turn to swim with you on last Saturday. You really enjoyed swimming. Hopefully you learn how to swim soon from uncle Bill. :)

All these activities actually make a great balance to the hours you spent on the electronics at home. Just nice! Somehow, you told daddy in the phone that mummy only went jogging with you while he was away. That was what granny did while mummy and daddy were both in Spain 2 weeks ago. 😯

You got mixed up baby! Hahahahahaha……


I got a better car

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 26, 2010

Oh! I got it! I just slide down a bit from the driver seat, then my feet will get to reach mummy’s car break or the petrol step. Hooray! Then, I move the steering with my hands like I always did. But… The car is still not moving.  :(

Luckily, I still got my mini car. 😛

Yeah… You got a better car, baby! Of course! Driving my small little car need no petrol, servicing, roadtax or driving license. I just move it with my own two feet. Simple! When it breaks down, I don’t even need a tol truck too. I can certain carry it with my own two hands. LOL! And, I don’t even need to spend a single cent on cheap auto insurance. How about that? Perfect aye? Hahahahaha…………


Gong Xi Gong Xi decoration is so nice

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 26, 2010

Sunday, we went to Queensbay Mall. Daddy, mummy and granny were busy shopping for CNY clothes. Where as I got my favorite Auntie Anne’s almond pretzel. Mmm…… Yum! Yum! I enjoyed all the CNY decorations and the 24 seasons drum show. So cool! Oh! There is a nice bridge too. Let’s cross the bridge.

Mummy:”Do you want to take a picture on the bridge, baby?”

Liz:”Sure.” *Nod nod*

Mummy:” How about some cute post?”

Here you go!

Wow! Excellent! 😛

Liz:”Mummy, I want to do the Gong Xi Gong Xi decorations at home, ok? It’s so nice.”

Mummy:”Sure, baby.”

Liz:”I will help you, ok?” (That’s what she always said recently)

Mummy:”Ok. Thank you, Elizabeth.” :)


Let’s create a story for them

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 18, 2010

I told daddy and mummy I want to go to beach. Mummy said she is busy. Blogging? Not again!

Then, daddy told me he got headache. He need to sleep for a while. Oh! Please play with me, daddy. It surely is the best migraine treatment. Don’t sleep! Don’t leave me alone! 😯 (Hahahahaha……What a Sunday!)

Fine! I can play on my own. :roll:

How about that? I am story linking for these flash cards. It’s fun! 😛

Wow! I found some colorful home decoration cards. Cool! Let’s create a story for them too, ok? Ha! 😉

Am I a good girl, mummy?

Absolutely. We love you, baby. And, daddy and mummy would like to say:”Sorry”. It’s ok, mummy. Thanks for clearing and keeping back all the cards for me. Is that a punishment? :(


Bank, SEC, Tesco, Gurney Plaza

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 1, 2009

Yesterday, mummy and you spend the whole day together. Another previous time for 2 of us. Mummy like it! You followed mummy to bank, electrical shop (SEC), Gurney Plaza, and Tesco. You learn how to use or shall I say press the ATM machine, and you did it gently. Then, you tried every dress that mummy asked you to try. Thus, you got 2 more new dresses now. Mummy just can’t resist the sales. Yet, Poney always fits you best. :)

I know you don’t really like it now. Trust me! It’s very nice. So dainty. Sooner or later, you will love it, especially when everyone started to praise it. Hehe!

You keep nodding your head when mummy asked you weather you like this dress or not. I knew it before I asked, as this umbrella type of dress which can be wide open when you dance and turnaround is always your favorite. :)

You also wanted to go to Penguin (Puku) shop at Gurney Plaza. But, you agreed to leave together with mummy when I told you we had no time to go to that shop anymore. Very good girl!

Eventually, you said you want to go to Tesco playground. Alright! Since that’s the last stop before we went home. Mummy brought you to the playground for 30 minutes. Wow! Playground is still the best place for you to kill your time. But, I am thinking may be tomorrow we can visit the public library. 😛

Hopefully, you truly enjoy your holiday and work hard in school by next year. 😉


I am sliding with Uncle

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 30, 2009

Last Friday……

Mummy:”Liz, later mummy bring you to meet a “jie jie” in a hotel. You make new friend and play with “jie jie”, ok?

Liz:”No……I stay with daddy, you go, ok?”

Mummy:” You can go swimming too. Want?”

Liz:” No……”

Mummy:”Er… How about I bring you to see baby? You like baby, isn’t it? You can play with 2 babies there, want to join me?”

Liz:” Ok.”

So we went to Gurney Hotel at 5pm after we finished visiting your favourite pet shop. You were a bit shy initially. But, you were happily playing with the 2 babies after a while. Actually, they are not babies anymore. They already 17 months old. Hehe……

Then, we went to the pool to meet up with Qiqi  and his daddy. You just can’t wait to get into the pool once you see the water slides. Yes! You can get wet, as you still have spare clothes. But not mummy.

Liz:”Mummy please go in with me.”

Mummy:”Sorry, baby. I can’t.”

You were sitting beside the pool for quite a long time. Keep nagging about wanted daddy to play the slide together with you. Unfortunately, daddy was not with us at that time. :(

Mummy:”How about you let uncle slide down together with you? Let uncle take care of you, ok?”

You quickly nod your head once you heard this suggestion. On the spot, mummy quickly bought a float for you. Then, you started enjoying yourself with “jie jie” and her dad.

Wow! This is the first time you were not afraid of strangers. Thanks to the slide. And, Qiqi’s daddy was such a nice uncle. He just keep sliding with you upon your request. Daddy are you jealous? Hahahaha….. Mummy was so grateful. Luckily, you did say thank you uncle before we leave. 😉

As mummy went back to the hotel again later at night just to pass something to Auntie Chinnee, you were shouting aloud that you want to go down with me this time. 😛


Luckily you still have holiday art and craft session at home

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 23, 2009

Daddy seems taking us to Jazz Concert on the 5th of December. But, mummy still not yet buy the ticket. I know I should do it as soon as possible. As this is something new to you. Thus, it could be interesting, right? :)

Just stay at this plan first, can we? I know you wish we are in Hong Kong Disneyland now. But, Hong Kong seems cold now. And, even someone is going to sell motorhome for us now, we still can’t go round West Malaysia cause you are having runny nose again. :(

I guess this holiday is meant for you to rest for a longer period. Mummy got to really watch your health from now onwards. Thus, you are forced to take this Scott’s Emulsion everyday since today. Thank you so much for your cooperation. Hehe……

By the way, thanks to Kak Sue for making a nice flower to you by using play dough today.

So nice! Did you learn up how to do it? Luckily you still have holiday art and craft session at home. Like it?  😉

And, you should always let Kak Sue tie your hair. Even a simple tie of ribbon like this can makes you look so lovely. Somehow, daddy might not agree with mummy. Isn’t it, daddy? Hahahaha……


Let’s go to Hard Rock Hotel

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 19, 2009

I told you we were shopping at Penang Hard Rock Hotel. This was where we were for lunch last Saturday on the 10th of October.

When we drove around the Cafe, Liz saw something and voice out loudly.

Liz:” Micheal Jackson!” What? Mummy quickly turn around. Very observant! It is Micheal Jackson.

So, mummy wanted to take picture for Elizabeth and MJ as we walked out from the Cafe after we had our meal.

Liz:”I want daddy carry!” I thought you like MJ! 😯

So, this is it. Not the real MJ. But, a big white statue of MJ. 😉 And, may be the statue is kind of scary to little ones. Anyway, baby Elizabeth did had a great time. ( Yeah… It can be hotel, it can be the cinema in the dark or any metal buildings, she will be happy as long as daddy and mummy are hanging out with her. 😛 )

Well, the food was suck! But, nice environment! Precious outing! As we had daddy, mummy, “mama”, “ah cho” and little Elizabeth. It’s good to have something new in Penang.  Hehe……

First time ever. Three of us all together in Hard Rock T. Wonderful memory!  😉


My “Unicorn”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2009

Mummy and some other mummies of Elizabeth’s friends planned to have a lantern party at the public garden near by our house yesterday night specially for the Mid Autumn Festival. Little Elizabeth was looking forward for it. She loves party. She also asked for the animal shape lantern. So, mummy drove out before noon to get her one.

Liz:”Wow! Unicorn!” As soon as she saw it after she wake up from the afternoon nap.

Mummy:”Nice, aye?”

Liz:” Nice! But, I want Dinosaur!”

Mummy:”There is no Dinosaur.”

Liz:” ……” :roll:

Then, we go shopping somewhere around 5pm. By 8pm, daddy said:” Outside is raining.” So no choice. We called the party off . :(  But, continue shopping. Hehe……

So, let’s light up the “unicorn” tonight!

Little Elizabeth was kind of excited. But only for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, she said it was hot. So, daddy helped her to hang it high up.

After that, she enjoyed talking, jumping, dancing and playing with shadows. Mummy’s shadow, daddy’s shadow, her own shadow and the colorful lantern’s shadow.

After all, there is no rule saying that we must carry the lantern and walk around. Hahahaha……