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Not today please

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 29, 2010

I don’t know how she got fever again. Could it be the tiny garlic toasts that I bought from the 100 yen shop?I just gave her some as a treat taking together with mushroom soup. And she loves it. So I kind of surrendered to her bagging and let her take a little bit more. But still it’s quite little.

Liz:”Fever, go away! Go way! Fever, go away!”

That’s what she told herself about half an hour ago before she close her eyes and fell into sweet dreams. Poor thing! She must be really disappointed. As how come she get fever the day before her concert again like last year. *Sob Sob*

Performing on the stage is what this little girl always long for since the first time she saw people performing on the stage. Kind of like an inborn thing. So sorry, girl! Mummy thought I am doing a great job as I already blocked you from taking KFC or McD recently. I even stopped this swim maniac from swimming for the whole week. :(

See… If you are talking about hot tub, mummy can still use the hot tub cover to hide it from the kids. But if it’s a swimming pool, I don’t think there is pool cover, right? :roll: 

Obviously, little Elizabeth just don’t mind to scarify all the fun just for her concert day. But still……

Mummy feels so bad. Guarding angel, please help little Elizabeth to wake up being healthy again in the next morning. So that she can fully enjoy the whole performance and Halloween party time. Also, dear Guarding Angel, please bless her with health for any of her important dates from now on.  :)


I finally learn to keep an eye on my work

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 28, 2010


This is what happened on Monday night. I was watching Barbie cartoon in youtube. Then, mum came over and said something.

Mummy:”Liz, I will put your work on the table. Please come and check it out and do it by yourself once you finish your cartoon, ok?”

I heard that. But, I made no response, but just continue watching. Also, mum just step out of the room. Then, I just walked to my table and started doing my grammar and vocabulary work once I finished the cartoon. That was a great surprise for my dear mum.She was so happy that I finally learn to keep an eye on my work even though I was still talking, skipping or moving around after every single word I wrote. Ha!

Then, dad said:”You should learn to trust your daughter.” 😛

Yeah… May be I might just turn to be so quiet or even decided to pick up a accounting finance jobs. Anything is possible aye? 😉


My favourite computer games

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 27, 2010

I am sure you can see what am I doing. Do you enjoy playing computer games like me? I did it almost every afternoon. Somehow, I have my limits. I will mostly call off after about 1 hour. In mum’s opinion, may be my eyes get tired.  😛

I like cooking games. I learn to click all the listed ingredients in pictures to make a dish. Sometimes, I lose as I can’t fulfil the target earning in the given time.  But, I will be cheering loudly if I get to next level. Yippee! 😉

Besides, I love dressing up the dolls with the beautiful clothes and accessories given in the dress up games.


How is my performance before rehearsal?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 26, 2010

 Liz:”Mum, I want my hair pin. I want to look pretty today.”

Today is a big day. I woke up so early in the morning, drink my milk and brush my teeth very quickly. Then, I get myself changed and make sure I look pretty. Oh mum! I am ready to the concert rehearsal now. 😉

I was so excited since yesterday night. I love rehearsal. I love every chance of performing on the stage. Thus, I was busy practising my short story and the group friendship song last night. Look!

So how was that? Is it a great performance? Am I look cute? How is my smile? Sweet? Am I look fat? Oh mum! I need your best weight loss supplement now! Hahahahahahahahahaha………

See… these questions might just pop up from next year onwards. Mummy can foresees that. As I know my girl. She’s a real vain pot. Ha!

Anyway, mummy is truly glad that you are so into it. That’s a sense of responsibility and the beginning of maturity. 😛


But someone’s car is in front of you

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 25, 2010

While we were on our way home from little Elizabeth’s school this afternoon……

Liz:”Mum, I want milk milk!” *Sob Sob*

Granny:”Ok. Ok. I am racing fast back to our house now. Drink at home, ok?”

Liz:”Weyn………” *Crying loud*

Granny:”Don’t cry. Don’t cry. The car is going very fast. Vroom… Vroom… It’s like Formula 1 now. See! You are going to win already. Oh… Yes! I am the winner!”

Little Elizabeth suddenly stop crying and replied:”But, someone’s car is in front of you, you know?” :roll:

Yeah… Obviously, you are not the winner, granny. Hahahahahahaha……. I think granny just need more than that to fool her. Hahahahahaha…………


I like Chicago Ribs

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 24, 2010

Mummy:”What you want to eat, girl?”

Liz:”I don’t know.”Daddy:”How about we eat “Char Kuay Teow” at the road side stall?”

My little princess remain silent.

Mummy:”You don’t like it? So you prefer to eat in a restaurant?”

Liz:”Er… I want to go to coffee shop.”

Mum:”Coffee shop or restaurant?”

Liz:”Restaurant better.” 😉

Ha! Kids nowadays really know how to enjoy life aye? :)

So, we went to Chicago Ribs at Gurney Plaza. One of little Elizabeth favourite eateries. She always enjoy the fries, chicken tenders and the cocktail drink called “Summer Breeze” so much. But this time, she even enjoy reading the short stories in the book that she brought along to Chicago Ribs while she was waiting for the food to be served. 😛


This is the first time she demand to read in a restaurant. Cute aye? That’s mummy’s little bookworm. Ha! She even look more lovely when she actually falls asleep on the restaurant’s booths immediately after she said she is full. LOL!

Kids are kids. They just sleep right away whenever they felt sleepy. Be it on the comfy bed or the restaurant booth or just the office furniture. They are all good. 😉


I enjoy participating in my School Science Fair

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 23, 2010

Mummy:”Today is Saturday. You don’t have to go to school.”

Liz:”Hooray!” 😛

That’s her usual response when she realized that she don’t have to go to school. Ha!

But sometimes, it’s kind of boring at home too when mum and dad can’t really figure out where to go on the wonderful Saturday. How mum wish there are lots of educational activities like this being organized during weekends.

Anyway, this is something memorable as it’s the first time you join your school science fair in August together with mummy and daddy. And, you were so happy when mum and dad are both around to join you in school activities. Thus, you happily participate in most of the activities too. 😛

Sorry for the late posting. At least mum did not miss it, right? :)


Nobody nobody but you

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 22, 2010

First of all, I was wearing one of my favourite dress that day. It was new to me. As mummy thought it was too big. So just keep it till now since she brought home from Spain in the beginning of the year.

Anyway, as you can see…… I was kind of proud to flip around the dress. Ha! I love to dance with pretty dresses. And, dancing might just be one of the fat burning exercises for most ladies. Somehow, it’s my hobby, my passion, my pride and my life.

I dance almost everyday or any moment I bump into music. Everybody around me knows that. 😛

And, thanks to my music teacher for playing this song to let me dance. I can never stand still whenever I heard this “Nobody”. I will be moving my shoulder up and down and shaking my butt left and right too if it’s “Lady Gaga”.  Hahahahahahaha……


I was happier since I took lunch in school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 22, 2010

Ever since little Elizabeth started to take lunch at school, she is so much happier while learning at school. Then, she started to excel in almost every subject. That’s what I found out from her teacher and principle. It’s true. Just compare the two worksheets pile and we can clearly see the difference.

The thinner pile is actually the work she did for the first 6 months in this year. It’s just about 20 over worksheets. But, she did about 80 over worksheets for the last 3 months. In calculation, her working speed increased about 8x faster recently if compared with the work from January to June. That’s amazing isn’t it? 😉

Suddenly, mummy realized that socializing is very important for my one and only one. I guess she becomes so much happier now as she gets to spend time eating, chit chatting and playing with her friends for 30 minutes more in school. This golden 30 minutes really make a vast difference, especially when she is not allow to talk and play in class any more since the beginning of the year once she started year 4 nursery.  😛


Are you really that hungry?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2010

I learn to accept more types of food after I took lunch at school since August. I am drinking some Chinese herbs tea as dessert after I had my meal at school. I especially enjoy eating pasta at school. It will always be 2 bowls. That was since 2 to 3 weeks ago.

Then, I was almost taking 2 bowls for every meal in school now since this week. I will surely took 150ml of milk too once I get up to the car and leave the school everyday.

Obviously, my tummy will grow so big like it was going to burst any time after I had lunch. Guess what? Mum gets worried.

Mummy:”Don’t you feel is too full? Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Are you really that hungry?”

Liz:”Nope. I am fine.” :) (Gosh! In mummy’s mind, is every kids taking that much too? Or may be she needs appetite suppressants that work for kids now?)  :(

Mummy:”Why do you eat so much? Are you really that hungry? Or you just want to show that you are clever? But, over eating is not healthy. Thus, not a clever deed too.”

Liz:”I just want to grow taller.” 😉

OMG! :roll:


I learn Mandarin everyday

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2010

Mummy isn’t always blogging recently. As mummy is busy catching up with some new home education plans for my little princess. Wow! Sounds so serious aye? Ha! But, this could be a great timing to input more into my girl’s brain. As this little cheeky is such a good girl recently. Have a look!


Isn’t she so lovely? See… she even feel like making up and requested “kakak” to tie her hair this morning. Now, mummy is so console that my little princess started to enjoy schooling. She will have great mood almost every morning. And, mummy got no rejection from her any more when I asked her to do some worksheets, flashing cards for her, or playing some IQ games together after school, as long as she has some cartoon time or computer games time in a day.  😉

I don’t know how long will this last.  But, I know she will “digest” anything that I squeeze in now easily. As children learn best when they are in a good mood. So, mummy came out with educational activities to teach her read, write or train her fine motor skills, concentration and patient everyday.

In fact, mummy is working hard in every way to make sure little Elizabeth can pick up Mandarin language now. So that she won’t have problem in Primary one. LOL!


I want a new Barbie Doll Bicycle

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 14, 2010

It’s 7 pm now. Again, mummy just let little Elizabeth watch cartoon. I know it will be more appropriate to let her has outdoor play at this hour. Moreover, the playground is just 10 minutes drive away.

So, my little princess was invited to cycle in the garden.

Previously, my little princess will be bagging her mummy to go to playground. Be it flying kites, skating, cycling, swimming, watering and playing ball in the garden. She just love them all. But now, she seems to be more content with TV and computer.

By the way, little Elizabeth just cycle for a while as it’s the sky is already dark. As she was cycling, she just keep grumbling.

Liz:” Mum, I want a new bicycle. I want Barbie Doll purple and pink bicycle. This bicycle is not very smooth. This bicycle is for boy one. This is Justin bicycle. I want a Barbie Doll bicycle and Barbie doll helmet.”

Wow! How about a pair of Barbie knee protector too. What a stylish experience! Hahahahaha………

You seems not skating a lot too. In this case, may be a pair of Nike SB will induce my little vain pot’s interest on skating again. Ha!

Anyway, mummy surely won’t be enjoyable too if I am riding on a bicycle that does not move fast and smooth like this one. I think she does need a bicycle that suits her better. At least something that seems more attractive to her. So, it’s time to look for a new bicycle. Are you happy, my dear? 😉


I don’t want to purge in school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 13, 2010

I was such a good girl last week. Immediately brushed my teeth after I finished my milk early in the morning. I even said good morning to my teacher once I reached school. Somehow, I keep crying and don’t want to go to school this Monday morning.

Mum:”Why suddenly don’t want to go to school? What happen?”

Liz:” It’s because of the purge thing. I don’t want to purge in school.” :(

In fact, little Elizabeth don’t even like to “pooh” in school. Poor thing! It’s been 2 days she never drink milk at all. And, if you saw her body now, you sure think she must have found the best weight loss product in town. LOL!

Little Elizabeth had diarrhoea since she came back from the Birthday party on Sunday night. And, she purged 3 times in school on Monday. Very upset! Luckily the condition improved and she only purge once in school on Tuesday after she took “smecta”.

Yesterday, she even took “Char Seow Rice” for dinner. She insisted and enjoyed the meal so much. Luckily no purging after that. Only soft stool came out. So, she started taking milk again this morning. Mummy prays hard that she is not purging any more. But, mum still got to solve your coughing problem. Gosh!


No more just partying at school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 11, 2010


This is the first birthday party she attended outside her school. It was in August. It was at the Lafonis playground and the marrybrown  fast food chain in Time Square.

She was quite tense when she first saw the giant chipmunk. And, she actually fought for toys with her friends and cried in the playground too. :(

But she had a wonderful time getting herself wet and playing in the fountain before the birthday boys blew their birthday cake.

Then, mummy got to clean her only with her clean shirts as we did not bring towel with us. LOL!

Somehow, things changed since yesterday. She went to another friend’s birthday party yesterday at the same time and the same place as the first time.This time, she had fun in the playground and did not fight for toys any more. Also, she loved to be carried by the giant chipmunk.

Of course, she still get herself wet in the fountain again. Ha! Somehow, we got spare towel this time. Not a mess any more. Hehe……

However, mummy forget to bring camera this time. That’s why there is no picture. Sorry honey! :(


My New Barbie Float

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2010

Lately, this is my favourite activity. I always want to swim. Be it at night, early in the morning or right under the hot sun. Ask me any time and I will surely say… Yes! 😛

Just because I swim so often, my old float seems already worn out. It has got hole somewhere. So, it’s not safe any more. I need a new float. 😉

And, I love Barbie stuffs! Even though I don’t play with Barbie dolls. Ha!

Liz:”Girl will buy Barbie things and boys like Benten. I have nice pink Barbie float now. Yippee!” Hehehe……

I can continue to do my ballet turning in the water with this new float. That’s beautiful! Fun! And, mum said it’s a wonderful way for getting rid of belly fat too. Ha! Ops… My belly is not fat at all, ok? 😯


My new friend — Paul and Mary

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 5, 2010


It’s 12 of them in a set for only RM 70+ which mum bought from one of the booth at the International Story Telling event. They are not Peter and Jane but Paul and Mary. They are not my favourite too. But, I still read them.

As it’s good to learn some new facts from these books. I have learn about recycling plastic, what’s in the museum, camping and who is senior citizen from them.  :)

I especially like to read about camping and things in the museum. Somehow, I still prefer a book with many short stories in it. Best still if it’s fairy tales.  😉


Please cut my hair

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 5, 2010

No drawing were brought home yesterday. May be not yet completed. Again, this little cheeky fell asleep as soon as she got up the car. Mummy realized it’s kind of tiring for her to stay at school until 4 pm. Also, she will cry that she don’t want to go to school on Monday morning once mummy mentioned about she is having art class that day. :(

Anyway, she looked so down for the whole evening ever since she came back. Eventually, she kept bagging granny to cut her hair. 😯

Mum:”Why you want to cut hair?”

Liz:”Cause cut hair is fun.” :)

Mum:”So, cutting hair is just to get some fun, is it?”

Liz:”Yes! It’s fun!”

So be it! Granny just cut a little bit to make you happy.Hahahahaha……

Don’t worry, baby. We can stop the art class after this October if you really don’t like it. And, if you are expecting a fun break, holiday is just around the corner. Mum will make sure you can enjoy something as fun as the Branson vacation packages.

In fact, you will have fun this month. Cause this weekend is Ashlyn’s birthday and your concert or the Halloween party is already set at the 30th. Interesting aye? 😉


I am 46 months old

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2010

It’s my 46th month today. I wondered mum already start planning my birthday party. Anyway, I told mum I want a birthday party in school. And, I want a Minnie or Daisy birthday cake. 😉

Anyway, guess what’s the thing I can do best now? It’s this.

Surprise? Yes! I can read quite well now. I can read many common simple words. I love to read story books and I can read them quite fluently. That makes me feel so proud. Thus, I started to do well in school. Ha!

Anyway, I read books in the afternoon and the time before I go to bed. I can read about 4 to 5 books in one shot now. Mum and dad was so happy to see me love books so much. Granny was surprised that I can even read words like “immediately” and “forbidden”. Hehe……

And, I always wanted to walk in whenever I saw a bookshop now. Thus, mum and dad just keep on buying books for me. Hooray! 😛

Really great job, honey! Mummy is glad that you finally build a strong base in English. Keep it up! But, I think it’s time to brush up your mandarin a bit too. Hehe……


I want my photo album

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2010

She told me she wants a photo album with her baby time photos in it. She wants to show them to her friends. She always want to see her baby photos in my computer recently. Out of a sudden, she becomes so interested in her baby’s photos. 😯

You really like babies now. Be it a toy or real baby or the baby pictures in the ads or baby thank you cards. And, mummy was so proud that you were so gentle to the real baby too. And, you seems learn to play with them. Should make a great “Jie Jie”. 😉

Somehow, mummy and daddy is not prepared to be father and mother again. Hahahahahaha…… Sorry, dear! :)

Anyway, I promised that I will print some of your photos out as soon as possible. (Mummy owe you this as mummy never print any photo of yours since you were born. So sorry again! :( ) And, I think making a photo album with our own two hands together will be more meaningful than just buy one, right? We should try it! This is our October assignment, ok? 😉


Now they are complete

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 2, 2010

Once I am out from my dance class, mummy said I am very obedient and perform well in the class today. 😉

I did it! So she bring me to Tesco. But, we never walk into the hypermarket. We hang around in Popular book store instead. I love book shop cause I love to read so much! Hehe……

And, I finally found these 3 books which mum missed in “Early Readers” series. I am so happy! As now I have the complete set. :)

Normally, I like the whole collection. I will always ask mum to get all the others when I found pictures of other books in the series for the book that I have. :)


Need to be Jeans and Plain white Shirts

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 2, 2010

Concert is coming. Hooray! Little Elizabeth always loves concert as she can dance and sing on the stage on this special occasion. This year, she get to dance with a partner for the song “Macarena”. She also tell a short story individually and sing a song together with all her friends. :)

It’s on the 30th of October. Thus, all of the kids were busy practising at school. Now, teacher already informed mummy that you need to wear jeans and white shirts. You don’t really like jeans, may be because they are never as comfortable as  apple bottoms. LOL! But after some tough persuasion, you chose this in the end.

Don’t you think it’s too boylish, honey? Mummy just got to make a more persuasive excuse to get to wear something nice in the wardrobe cause daddy insisted. Change! Hahahahaaha…….

Now you know why little Elizabeth is such a vain pot. She just got that genes. 😉


I am a Scholastic Book Club fans too

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 1, 2010


I like these 2 books so much. Mummy bought it from school. This is the first time mum buy books from Scholastic Book club. Now, she has become a fans of scholastic book club.

Good English! Great knowledge but easy to understand, thus easily remembered. Nice pictures too. Yet very cheap. Definitely worth more than what we pay. Hehe…… (Somehow, it take quite a long time for the books to reach us since we place the order. LOL!)

The pictures in “Old Turtle” are actually pictures of real paintings. Unbelievable! I love to read it even though I don’t really understand who and where is GOD. Cause the pictures is so real. 😉


I build my own playground

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 1, 2010

When I am bored, I will watch cartoons, read books, dance at home. But, I want to go playground.

Liz:”I want to go playground, mum!”

Mum:”But honey, it’s time to go to bed.”

So, I sit aside with a grumpy face. After a while……

Liz:”I got an idea, mum!”

Look! I got my own playground now. Hooray! The one and only one in the world! Kakakakaka………

Wow! Mummy is kind of admire me cause this is creative. I am a genius! 😉

You always did that with sofa cushion. It’s amazing, honey! But watch out! I guess that’s the reason why even children needs insurance. Ha! Insurance! If I tell you this, I am a child that full of question will surely ask:” what is term life insurance? ” 😯

That’s challenging for mummy. But I am lucky! We got an expert at home. Just go to your dad. 😛