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Let’s create a story for them

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 18, 2010

I told daddy and mummy I want to go to beach. Mummy said she is busy. Blogging? Not again!

Then, daddy told me he got headache. He need to sleep for a while. Oh! Please play with me, daddy. It surely is the best migraine treatment. Don’t sleep! Don’t leave me alone! 😯 (Hahahahaha……What a Sunday!)

Fine! I can play on my own. :roll:

How about that? I am story linking for these flash cards. It’s fun! 😛

Wow! I found some colorful home decoration cards. Cool! Let’s create a story for them too, ok? Ha! 😉

Am I a good girl, mummy?

Absolutely. We love you, baby. And, daddy and mummy would like to say:”Sorry”. It’s ok, mummy. Thanks for clearing and keeping back all the cards for me. Is that a punishment? :(


Curtains, Blinds or Shutters

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth likes to hide behind the curtains playing “Peekaboo” now. In fact, as long as she is having fun, I really don’t mind she hide under any cloth as long as it’s clean and safe. However, mummy wash the curtains a few months once. Thus, I don’t think they are clean.

Mummy hates washing the bulky curtains. As mummy need to climb up and down to take the curtains off and hang it on again after cleaning. The whole process is always a mess. And, it’s hard to find place to hang it till dry. But, mummy just won’t spend on a dryer just because of the curtains. In fact, mummy is thinking of changing it to country wood blinds.

It’s nice and it suits our overall home design which major in woods. Blinds are easy to clean. At least mummy don’t have to take it out and fix it again. Just fix it for once, then clean it by wiping it with wet clothes everyday. That’s practical and hygienic.

However, the blinds will slap on her face when she try to hide behind it. In this case, there is no point even if I choose the normal PVC blinds. Luckily, there is polywood shutters.

This real wood shutter looks great! It’s classic and neat, isn’t it? And, this shutter itself is a window. It’s not another piece of blind that we hang like the curtain. So, there is no space for Elizabeth to hide behind it. So, this is the best for us! 😛


I want money

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

As you all know that I have a granny with very bad memory. So, she will count her money a few times a day. I really don’t mind how many times she has been counting her money. But, “Can you please don’t let little Elizabeth touch the money, Granny?”

However, no matter how many times I had reminded her, she just keep allowing my girl to hold the money in her hands ( Of course she won’t listen to me as she just can’t remember what I said). *Slap forehead*

Sometimes, granny will even propose to give the money to little Elizabeth. Oh! What if she has kept some precious gold or silver coins and finally decided to give it to my little princess as well? That would be wonderful! As even the silver coin is so valuable nowadays. hahaha…

Anyway, I know she is being very kind to my little princess. However, money is always full of germs. Thus, it is not suppose to be in the hand of a little naughty girl who will continuously put her fingers in her mouth every now and then. :(

What to do? Just wash her hand more often. 😛


Food poisoning and Diarrhea

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 30, 2007

This is what happened last Saturday. I had a bad weekend. I can’t go shopping as I might crate a mess to mummy once I poop again. Yeah… I poop 5 times in a day on last Saturday. Thus, the only place I hang out to is hospital. So sad that I only spend my wonderful weekend in that hateful GMC with all the nurses and doctors. And, worst still mummy keep feeding me some orange like but salty drink once I am back from there. Must be medicine, I guess. See… that’s why I hate hospital. :sad:

Anyway, I have no diarrhea anymore the next day. Is just that mum still don’t take me out for dinner because doctor said my sickness should be cause by food poisoning. to simplified it, I ate something dirty. And, I get really irritated these few days as mummy had cut down my milk supply. I only had one bottle ( 5 oz) of milk per day for almost 3 days, only porridge and cereals is allowed. Mummy…… when can I have more milk? :sad:

Oh! Poor little Elizabeth. The reason why you have to stop drinking too much of milk is because too much of oily stuffs will persist your diarrhea. So, to make sure you can recover in the fastest manner, you got to stop drinking milk. (That’s oily, very oily indeed).

Anyway, you can continue your normal milk intake this evening if there is no sign of diarrhea in another few hours later. You are free! “Hooray!Love you, mum!” 😛

See… why mum was so worried until she has to bring my poop to the hospital to show my paediatrician? Simple. My condition is quite critical. My diarrhea got blood. My paed even ask my to snap a pic to show him. I’ll show you, k? LOL! What a professional paed! 😛

Mummy will further explain what is so dangerous about diarrhea with blood tomorrow, k? Chao!