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No more crying while waking up to school

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 14, 2010

It’s Saturday again. A day that I can sleep as long as I want. 😉

During weekdays, I can’t wake up! I don’t want to wake up! Exactly! For the last few months, you have problem getting up early in the morning. And, you will throw tantrum and cry if the first thing came into your sight is your toothbrush. Eventually, you will struggle every time mummy try to carry you down the bed. *Panic*

Gosh! What an ugly sleep look aye? Why wear pants and night gown? See, this is the latest trick. 😉

Just get you to the sofa while your eyes is still close. Then let you take your milk first, then change pants or panty for you then put on mosquito repellent before you actually sit up like what we see in this picture. Lastly, wake you up and get you to brush teeth and change your dress or shirts. Just like “Ang Moh” style, only brush teeth after food. LOL!

As a result, no more struggling while mummy carry you down the bed. Happily brush your teeth and always on time to reach your school. *sigh*

You better love to go to school like now. As there are Online Colleges but not kindy, my dear. Hahahahahaha……


I am Cinderella

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 24, 2010

 Friday night……

Mummy:”Do you like your friends in school?”


Mummy:”Did your friends play with you?”


Liz:”Do your teachers like you?”


Mummy:”Then, why you cry every morning and don’t want to go to school?”

Liz:”Because so early. I want to sleep.”

Mummy:”Today we sleep earlier ok? So that you won’t feel tired while waking up early in the morning.”

Liz:”Ok. You read bedtime story for me first, ok?”


After mummy finished reading…

Mummy:”Alright. Let’s close your eyes and sleep now, ok?”

Liz:”How about we wait for daddy? I want to wait for daddy. We sleep after daddy come back, ok?”

So end up, everyday you will only go to bed around 12am despite daddy came home early or late. Oh! My Cinderella! Ha! I guess you already used to this hour. Of course, if daddy and mummy can go to the room together with you earlier everyday, may be there is a chance that you can change this habit.

But, this will only possible if daddy starts Human Resources job search now. LOL! Somehow, daddy’s job is too important. And, I can understand that you really miss your daddy. Well, this is just our lifestyle. Nothing is perfect. We just try our best, alright? 😛


Not nice anymore

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 11, 2010

Last night, you were still active as daddy and mummy were about to sleep. But, you never complain much about staying in the room. Mummy knew why. You are just too afraid to be send away to sleep with Harry on the backyard or garage flooring. Hahahahaha……

Yeah… I knew that was kind of a terrible threat. Somehow, it works pretty well to get you to bed when you are not sleepy at all during the night. Ha! So, you keep talking. Er… what shall mummy do next? I will… Switch off the lights. 😉

Liz:”Mummy, don’t switch off the light. It’s so dark. I can’t see.”

Mummy:” Good! Then, just close your eyes and sleep.”

Liz:” No. I want to switch on the light. My skin so dark. Not nice anymore.”

Daddy:”Don’t worry. Tomorrow your skin will turn bright and nice again as the sun come out. Hahahahaha……”

Mummy:”Yeah… Your skin is not dark at all. Tomorrow you shall see. Sleep!”

Liz:”Mummy…… mummy……”

After a while, little Elizabeth finally kept her mouth shut and fell a sleep. Hahahaha…… What an excuse. So cute aye?  😛


Sleep straight!

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 10, 2009

 You don’t want to sleep earlier. So, you will sleep around 2 am. Then, you refused to wake up early. Mummy will only see you walking out of the room by 11 am or 12 noon. How about that? :roll:

So that’s how you get your dark circles under your eyes. Then, you will turn around from sleeping vertically like daddy and mummy to laying horizontally between us. Initially, daddy might fell from the bed once he was pushed to the edge. But day after day, his balancing skill is so good now. Never see him falling anymore even though he still have to sleep like a line at the edge of the bedside sometimes. Hahahaha……

Now, there is something new. Last night, your feet has step on mummy’s face again while you turned horizontally among us. it might happened a few times in a night. It’s super duper irritating! Sleep straight! 😯

Also, you still crying or making noise at the middle of the night. Sometimes, it’s because you are hot. Sometimes, there is something to do with the blanket. But, most of the time it’s because you want milk. I wish I can read your mind. But, why don’t you just tell mummy what you want. That’s definitely a better and hassle free way. Speak out, baby! Oh… no more baby. You are just ain’t baby anymore. :(

So, that’s how mummy got my dark circles under eyes. LOL!


Kakak, I love you

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 22, 2009

Liz:”Kakak massage, mummy massage, ah mah massage, so many people massage for me.” Hahahaha……

Mummy: “Oh, ya! So many people massage for you. You are the little Queen in house.” 😉

Liz is right. There is so many poeple massage for her now. As she enjoy massage so much now. Especially before she sleep. And, mummy feel great for this bonding time too. Mummy is so happy to see her slowly closing her eyes after a few touch. This is also the trick mummy used to make her sleep earlier now.

Well, like grama and mummy. Now, there is 3 massage freaks in this house. Hahahaha……

By the way, she actually let kakak massage for her last night. And, she also sang the song ” Kakak, Kakak, I love you. Kakak, Kakak, I love you, Kakak! Kakak! Kakak! Kakak! Kakak, I love you.” for the maid. Kakak was so happy. So do mummy. Looks like she has slowing accepting the new maid. 😛


I just eat and sleep

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 25, 2008

Yesterday, we went to Tesco. She point to MILO and said: “Take! Take!”. Ok. Mummy take. She also started to fall in love with the Ceres Junior Juice that mummy picked for her while shopping in Tesco.

Besides, she actually carried 2 buckets of raisin to the caunter. Luckily she dropped one after mummy had enough persuasion. See… It’s all about food. Cute, aye? That’s toddler.

So, she will keep on playing after eating. Otherwise, just another nap. And, look at the way she sleep. Every style and any place.



Oh! This is so adorable! Despite the possible need for Fentraphen in the future. Hahaha……

The outcome is certain, if it’s always eat and sleep, right? Hahahaha……


Dreaming in my Maclaren

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 5, 2008

Liz has a stroller. But, you can never see her sitting in her stroller whenever she is out. You might said,” What a waste!” However, it’s like a bicycle or car for her at home. So, at least it is not wasted! Hahaha……

Liz enjoyed being pushed around at home with stroller. Now, she even learned to fasten the seat belt. I think that’s a good training. Does it means soon mummy can get her a car seat? :)

Anyway, her Maclaren is really useful. Something that can cheers her up and help to gives us some peaceful moment too. As this is what happened sometimes.

Even though not most of the time, but it’s quite often. Sweet dream, aye? So, what’s in your dream, baby? Chocolates? Baby Bob? Teddy Bears? Playground? Flying in the air plane? Or Caribbean cruises. Ops… That’s mummy’s dream too. 😛


Just put me on the floor

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 7, 2008

Look at her. She has grown up a lot, didn’t she? No longer a baby. Yeah… She is 20 months now. Anyway, Baby Elizabeth is sleeping on the floor now. Mummy actually packed one of her play pan which placed in the living hall up few days ago.

According to her height, obviously she will soon outgrown the play pan size. So, mummy might as well packed it up now. And, since this play pan just can’t be fold up anymore because of a jam in its mechanism, mummy will give it away to a friend who has just give birth to a lovely baby boy.

Mummy decided to let liz sleep on the floor as she actually feels more comfortable with it. I guess that’s because she is free from the “cage”. As there is no opening for this play pan that she has been using all the time. Without any opening, a play pan is just a cage. 😆

Anyway, mummy still keep the other play pan in the room as her bed as she quite like that one. She likes it so much because there is a “door” to let her get in and out from it freely. :)

But most of the nights, she prefers to sleep on mummy’s bed. LOL! That’s why mummy got no hurry in looking for her new bed even though she has almost outgrown her current bed. hehe…..


So Sleepy

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 24, 2008

You really got to watch this when you grow up, Elizabeth! 😛

Last Sunday evening, Mummy actually just changed for you and we are all prepared to go out for dinner. While waiting for “kakak” to get ready, you were watching Barney together with mummy. I know you did realized that you are going out, darling. So you keep stretching your eyes and try to open it wide and big as usual.It’s ok, honey! Mummy will always bring you out even though you are asleep. So, just have a good nap on mummy’s shoulder. Mummy will call you up when you we are there for dinner.

In fact, Elizabeth has a good habit. She will never cry or become moody if we wake her up while she was still asleep.Fantastic, right? How about a loud applouse? Hahaha…


See you later, Barney

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 9, 2008

Elizabeth is quite independent now. After all, she is already 17 months old. Thus, she will watch TV alone sometimes. She will be very excited initially. After all, that’s all her favorites. Anyway, this is what happened after some time.

Oh! I just close my eyes for a while.

Oh, Barney! I am still watching!

See you later, Barney! 

Hahahaha……. That’s my darling Elizabeth! 😛


Too heavy for mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 3, 2008

Elizabeth nowadays can fall asleep on her rocking chair. She will lay down in her chair comfortably while drinking milk and water too. I guess she really likes her chair now. 😛

At least, she has a proper chair to rest on while watching TV. It will certainly safe her from becoming hunch back. However, will she become lazy to move around after too content to the comfort of sitting down?

Mummy want you to exercise more, girl! As mummy can’t even carry her for more than 20 minutes now. In fact, mummy likes to carry Elizabeth. But, my hands just not strong enough to sustain her weight anymore. :(

May be Elizabeth should join mummy and granny to use the exercise machines such as the ellipticals. Since granny already decided to buy one of the machines, so that all of us in the family can exercise at home conveniently.

Once baby Elizabeth lost weight, may be mummy can carry her longer. 😛


Sleep late but wake up early

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 14, 2008

Elizabeth can wake up so early in the morning despite always sleeping late at night. However, mostly she wake up to look for milk. She will go back to sleep after milk and wake up again around 10 a.m.

However, she can cry out loud until my mum or my maid always mistaken that she has fall down from my bed when she is hungry. LOL! Mummy got to be quick in preparing her milk. Thus, mummy starts setting up warmer in the room now. In this case, mummy can prepare the milk in advance. No more waiting! 😛

Mummy bought this warmer long ago before Elizabeth was born. And, never use it as she was breast fed at first. Now, the warmer came in handy. Looks like mummy did not waste my money from buying a bottle warmer. However, mummy still need another Loud Alarm Clock to wake myself up every morning if Elizabeth keep waking up for milk every night about 3 to 4 a.m. :roll:


Change bed

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 10, 2008

Elizabeth has grown up a lot. She is getting heavier and taller. She is now 10.2kg. Mummy cannot held her for long now. It’s tough. She is too heavy for mummy. Looks like mummy has to go to gym. 😛

Sometimes, Elizabeth likes to go under the table or chair. As she grow taller, she will always knock herself when she goes under the these things. Poor girl! May be mummy should start setting up the safety features at the corners of the tables, chair and cupboards.

However, mummy is more concern about her bed. She is still sleeping in the play pan. The standard size play pan is like a box. And, it’s getting smaller now. Soon, Elizabeth will out grown this small bed.

It’s time for mummy to change this small bed to a bigger one. Elizabeth will feel more comfortable if she can sleep in a bigger bed. After all, mummy just need to buy a bigger mattress. It’s best for her to sleep on the floor. That’s very safe. As she can never fall from the bed.


I think memory foam mattress is the best. It’s soft and manage to support our body according to our body curve. I am sure it can protects my baby’s spine and gives her a good night sleep. Besides, it’s hypo-allergic. That’s best for babies or toddlers. May be mummy should consider the memory foam pillow too.


Can I sleep

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 21, 2008

Mummy actually buy banana, plums and apples to spare in the car for tomorrow’s journey to KL. She even thought of buying grapes for me later. My clothes was packed. Mummy is going to pack all the biscuits or breads, my DVDs and toys later.

This is the first time Elizabeth going to stay in hotel. Branson hotels? Nope. We are staying in Impiana this time. This one night stay is provided by hubby’s company. So, we just grab it. :)

However, will Elizabeth refuses to sleep while she was in the hotel? I heard baby can hardly sleep and will cry for hours if they suddenly forced to sleep in a new place. Elizabeth never stay overnight in any other places before since she was born, except her own house. So, mummy is so worrie. God bless us… Hopefully, everything will turn out find.

In fact, Hotel should be much more comfortable. And, Elizabeth should enjoy the place which is fully air-conditioning. Mummy did spared our swim suits too.

As mummy has the idea that Lizzy will feels very tired and that’s easier for her to fall into sleep after enjoying a great swim in the big beautiful pool. 😉

What do you think?


I want mummy and daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Mummy feels so bad that baby Elizabeth still sleep in her play pan. Since new born until now, her play pan is also her bed. In fact, she only sleep in the play pan, she seldom play in it.

Now that she has grown taller, I think in a few months time her bed is certainly too small for her. However, she prefer to sleep with mummy and daddy. Baby always want to sleep with daddy and mummy. So instead of changing a bigger bed for her, may be it’s a better idea if mummy take away the platform bed and place the king size mattress on the floor. Then, add another new mattress beside to extend the existing space so that it fits 3 of us well.

But, mummy will miss the platform bed so much! Mummy loves beautiful platform beds. Mummy don’t want to sleep on the floor. :(


Elizabeth Bad Sleeping Habit

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 19, 2007

My maid just called home. She is already waiting in LICT now. By 9:05pm, her flight will be in Penang International Airport. OMG! Just can’t tell in writing how happy I am to see her back again. Finally, I can hand over the tons of household chores to her. And, start blogging like mad again. ( My computer will be back by tomorrow evening too.) That’s a ve…ry…. good news, you know…. :)

Anyway, since my maid is gone, I hardly have time to update how’s Elizabeth without a maid. Actually, she is less noisy. Most probably because she gets what she wants — Her mummy! :) She was so happy and satisfied too whenever I sit down either watching TV or playing toys with her. And, I always bring her out with me since there was no one taking care of her at home. Also because I am always out to buy lunch and dinner for my family. At this time, our best choice is to went vegetarian as vegetarian food were everywhere now because of the celebration of “The ninth emperor’s Birthday”.

However, without my maid, Elizabeth can’t sleep on time at all. Normally she will sleep around 11pm or slightly earlier. What my maid usually did was walk her in the garden or accompany her in my room and let her roll on my bed until she fall asleep after 10 or 10.30pm. As for me, I mostly go to bed at least around 12am. So, I will bring her to bed around this time too. End up… guess what time she sleep for the last 10 days? 1 or 2 am. :( ( I know, that’s terribly late. see Lizzy, I told you. That’s too late. Why must you take so long to fall asleep?)

In fact, I realized she tends to play with us and don’t really want to sleep. She will quickly fall asleep if only my maid is around with her. Why ar… Is that mean my maid is too bored. She just don’t feel like playing with her. So might as well sleep earlier… 😛

And, do you know I can actually sleep in style? 😛

Anyway, here are some tips on approaches to solve bad sleeping habits:

If you make an effort to keep the rest of your baby’s daily routine consistent, (meaning he or she naps, eats, plays, and gets ready for bed at about the same time every day,) your baby will be much more likely to fall asleep without a struggle too.

Don’t hold or rock your baby to sleep, and don’t use breastfeeding, a bottle, or a dummy to send him to dreamland. These methods teach your baby to depend on being put to sleep, rather than falling asleep on his own.

Put him in his cot before he falls asleep or else he’ll learn to rely on being put to sleep by you, rather than doing it himself.

If he calls for you in the night, don’t get your baby out of his cot. You can tuck him in, pat him, or soothe him. Many children this age are going through separation anxiety. So, try leaving the door to your baby’s room partially open so he can hear you and be reassured, or give him a transitional object such as a blanket for comfort.

You can also try moving his afternoon nap to an earlier time and making it shorter.

Stick with your bedtime ritual and to be firm about going to sleep. You can try setting an alarm clock to go off about five minutes before it’s time to go to sleep.

If he wakes in the night, be flexible. Don’t let your baby cry it out; instead, try to find the source of his wakefulness (such as a full nappy, hunger, upset routines during the day, a stuffy nose, or even irritating pyjamas).

Increase his daytime attachment to you (breastfeeding, wearing him in a sling, and so on and let dad play the role of nighttime co-comforter so both parents can help the baby fall back to sleep.


I’m so sleepy…

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 9, 2007

Nowadays… baby Elizabeth can almost sleep everywhere at anytime. I have never seen her fell asleep while pushing her in her stroller. However, look at her… She can sleep soundly in the stroller now. Frankly, mummy is a bit surprise! What’s this mean? As we get older… We tends to fell asleep quite fast no matter where we are? hahaha……

But, see… as she gets older, I think it is getting easier for me to bring her around. As she will sleep her own whenever she feels sleepy without much disturbance. Also… She can get along with the strangers quite well! She loves to play with the waiters and waitresses in the restaurant whenever I bring her out for dinner. That really make me feel so relieved as I can eat properly. ( Not very proper yet, still she will ask for food, but at least better than last time when she was 5 to 7 months time, that is the so called “only mummy” time). hehe……..

Next time I’ll share with you mummies nowadays how she sleep every night, k?

See ya.