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Posted by Everyday Healy on October 30, 2008

Did I told you that this girl started to sing? Thanks to Giselle — her favorite movie character. And, she is learning so hard to sing the songs “That’s how you know” and “True love’s kiss”. Does that sounds familiar to you? It’s all from the movie — Enchanted.

So, when mummy sing “Just find who you love and …”. she will continue with “true love’s kiss”. 😛

And, just say “How? How?”, if you want to hear little Elizabeth sings “How does she knows…” Yeah… only 4 words at this moment. But, that’s a really good beginning! Wonderful! Little Elizabeth will even dance along while enjoying this movie and all these songs. She especially like to imitate all the actions in “Happy working song”!

Oh! Like mother like daughter. Another fans of musicals. Lovely!hehe……

Because of this movie, she has developed an interest in ballroom dancing too. She really enjoy mummy turning her around. So cute! 😉


My Sunday School

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 29, 2008

Mummy uploaded these 2 videos 1 week ago. It has to be that Sunday. As she is wearing a new lovely dress. It is lovely! Just don’t know where to hide her little tummy. Chubby little Elizabeth! So cute! 😛

“What if it’s still this big when I grow up, mummy?”

“Er…… buy ephedra?” Hahaha……

In fact, I just want to keep some memories on her music circle lesson. So, this is what happened in last week class. Her interaction skill is getting better. She can dance with her teacher or sit on the laps of other mummies.

Always like to dance with scarfs on. And, she still plays with rhythm sticks even though she actually likes balls, rainbow ring and parachute more. hehe…


My 2 new Buddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 28, 2008

So, how’s Elizabeth Deepavali? It’s wonderful! As she has her daddy playing with her all the time for 3 days long. That’s precious! And, mummy can clearly see that she became so clingy to daddy during the past 3 days. On the other hand, mummy is always consoled as I see both father and daughter were so click. 😛

Even though nothing much. No far away traveling. Just shopping, hi tea, and going back to grandmother’s house. All done in the same old town where we are living. But, she gets presents. This soft toys queen were so happy to get one new white bear from Coffee Bean and one new pink dog from a soft toys shop.

Hug Hug, Bear Bear! And, Thanks to daddy, I like the white bear bear so much! Also, thanks to “Poh Poh”. Thanks for buying me this “Pinky” while I am crying for it. Love ya! 😉

Come, Pinky! Sit with me.

Oh! Good Girl! 😛


My own Bag and Purse

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 22, 2008

Mummy still remember the time when I first carry a school bag to school. That was about 20 years ago when I entered primary school. That’s also the time I started to bring along my purse which always has some money in it, for the meal during recess time and junks. 😉

A small red Winnie the Pooh bag. The size which is just nice for a 2 years old girl. That’s the first birthday present from uncle Bill. Nice aye? We have keep it for almost a year. It’s time to use it. Elizabeth is so happy to carry it around. I guess it’s because she saw it in the kids show. May be also because she saw each of her classmates in music circle has a bag of themselves. 😛

I also want a purse! Daddy got wallet. Uncle Bill has it too. So do granny and mummy. Now, Elizabeth must has one too. As you wish, my dear!

A pink Mickey and Minnie kid’s purse. We bought it in the market this morning. Just for fun as it’s only RM 5. Now you have yours! Hopefully, this little naughty will stop digging all the purses and wallets that belong to all the family members. LOL!

“How about a camera, mummy?”

Oh! Mummy almost forget that you start taking pictures, my drama queen. Alright. What camera do you like? Canon camera? No problem. Mummy will get one for you 5 years later. For the moment, it should be toy camera. It’s a good deal, isn’t it? Hahahaha……


I am going into the water

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2008

Last Saturday and Sunday, daddy bring us all to the beach again. Mummy thought Elizabeth will still be uneasy with the sand. Still, I try to let her wear slippers. Just feel the sand. It’s ok.

Wow… It’s a bit shaky! 😯


“Daddy! I am coming!”



“Let’s work together, dad! But, my tools are too small!”

“Alright! We will come to you. Just stay there, baby!”

That’s too deep for a first timer. *sigh*



Have daddy’s tool. Just “work” here. It would fun! hehe……

“Don’t go, dad!” “Ok. Bye, dad!” :(



Now I need milk. Let’s go home, daddy. Hahahaha……

“What? I am still a baby, ok?” Yeah… Hahahaha……


Surprise! Surprise! My little princess has grown up to be so sporty and proved me so wrong. 😛

I guess little Liz really had enough exposure at her age now. Mummy and daddy keep bringing you out since you are 3 weeks old. To fulfill your curiosity and give you a warm welcome to this wonderful world. Hoping you can learn through observation. Feel safe, excited and happy! Well! At least, you learn how to enjoy and blend well to every places mummy and daddy bring you to now. We all did a good job! So, keep going! Hahahaha……

By the way, I guess we are still going to the beach this weekend. Daddy is definitely going to carry on catching claims. But, mummy got a new job for you, baby! 😉


Let’s get down

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 15, 2008

What’s this? Can I have some, “kakak” ? 


That bottle! Can you pick up for me, uncle Bill? I don’t like to walk! Hahaha…….


Give me? Er… your mum said it’s dirty! So… No! Oh… Give it to me! *Almost weeping* 

Oh! She is sporty! She is so cute! I know what you are going to say. “She looks exactly like a boy in short and shirt. ” I know! But, it’s still cute, right? Hahaha……

At this age, if daddy is the fans of Hard Rock T, baby got to wear Hard Rock baby T. She will be wearing Festina watches too, if it’s one of mummy’s collection. And, it’s not a problem at all.  She is glad to have things like mummy and daddy. As she is at her Imitation age! 😛

By the way, these photos were taken 2 weeks ago. Mummy is thinking may be we can get back to this beach behind Tanjung Bungah Hotel real soon. I like the seashells there. So many species. What do you think, baby?

Mummy is glad baby Elizabeth no longer afraid of the sand. At least she is willing to get down and running around the beach with her shoes on. Good start! 😉


Bubble Bath

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 14, 2008

Elizabeth just came up from the pool. Today is really hot. So, must let her cool down. Not only her body has cool down, it’s such a wonderful activity for her too. Anything to do with water, she always loves it! 😛

But, don’t force me to bathe. I hate hair wash! Ok. Ok. No hair wash.  How about bubble bath?

Er… Let me think about it? You don’t need to think, baby! Just have a look.


Usually, mummy already get her hair wash done, while little Elizabeth is still playing with the bubbles. hehe……

She loves bubble bath! 😛


Too big

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 10, 2008

Mummy promised to showcase these 3 new beautiful dresses here as I showed the other 2 not long ago. I remembered they were bought together at the last day of August. Until now, they are still brand new. And, mummy got a wedding invitation recently. It is on 2nd of November.

I am thinking may be little Elizabeth can put on 1 or 2 of these 5 to join the party. Somehow, they are still big. I know I shouldn’t get size 3. Sorry, baby! I thought they are for Chinese New Year.

Don’t worry! Mummy can get you a new one before the wedding. I promised. For you, my darling! Anything will do. Even if it’s Oscar de la Renta. Hahaha……


Let’s Pray

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 10, 2008

It’s Friday again. Last Saturday, we were at the Siamese Temple before we went to the beach and Toy Museum. Why temple? Cause little Elizabeth likes to pray. Want to look at how little Elizabeth pray?

How about that? For mummy and daddy, that’s very cute! 😛

In fact, she will pray whenever she saw a temple by the roadside. She knew that months ago. I wondered how she recognized it as temple. She just did it. It’s quite amazing!

By the way, She also pray when she saw anything burning, either fire or smoke. Thus, baby Elizabeth actually raised her hand high up and started to pray to all the candles that mummy lighted up when our house was out of electricity on Tuesday night. Hahahaha……. That’s what I called “lovely”. 😉

I think this weekend should be “Poh Poh and Gong Gong” house. No more toy museum, temples or seaside.  Are you happy, Elizabeth? I think you miss “Gong Gong” so much, right?


It’s time to hide

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 9, 2008

With “ah Mah” — granny’s help, I started to “wee wee” in the potty. But, only when I am asked to at the right timing. I got trick actually. Initially, I thought it was a chair. I like chairs. So… It’s ok. Just forget about it! Hahaha…..

“Mum! I am not a pet. I don’t need training. I just “wee wee” on the sofa, the bed, the tent, the floor… anywhere I like!”

“But, I thought you sounds more like a pet now. Human don’t “wee wee” all over the place. We go to toilet, baby.” :(

But, it’s ok. Just make sure you don’t “wee wee” around the tv lift cabinet as there are wires around. That’s dangerous!

Little Elizabeth is getting very shy nowadays. So, she likes to hide around when she “poop” or “wee wee”. Sometimes, I can’t even find the spots where she let go when I found her pants was wet. And, she can never sit down and “poop”. She always did it while standing. Weird, aye?

Alright! I know! That’s Elizabeth style!Hahaha…… Also, she prefer to “poop” in the Drypers. Used to be “Mamy Poko”. But, it’s Drypers Drypantz now. hehe……


My first Cone Ice Cream

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 9, 2008

Yesterday night, I suddenly crave for ice cream as I saw them in one of the recipes book. Moreover, I want to try the ice cream in cone. I saw them in “Barney and friends” and some other kids shows. Looks yummy!

So, I bring the book to mummy and pointed only to the ice cream in cone. I want to explain my idea in detail. Somehow, mummy quickly answered: “You want cone type ice cream?” Oh! Thanks mum. Thank you for understanding me. She knows. She saw me pointed to them while I was watching kids show. 😛

So, daddy drives us out to buy some ice cream. First, daddy let me try the ice cream in cup. But, I want the cone ice cream on uncle Bill’s hand! 😯

Alright! That’s yours. “Uncle Bill, just get another one.”

Oh! you’ve stained your mouth. May be you should use the spatula. 😛

This is a spatula?

Mmm…… I don’t mind the stain on my mouth. Yum! Yum! “But, mummy mind it!” :(

Also, can I try the other one in stick too? Oh! Uncle Bill! May be we can share this time? 😛

Again! It’s the one on uncle Bill’s hand! Hahaha……


We all love it

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 8, 2008

Thank you, Elizabeth. Thanks for helping daddy to wash the car. Oh! Thank you too, daddy. For giving me a chance to play with bubbles and water. Hahaha……

It happened most of the weekend. She loves it! Daddy loves it! Mummy likes it too! Because it is a great way to loose some pounds? Nope! Our maid often wash the car for us too. It seems she still need diet pills! LOL!

It’s a working together and being together moment for mummy. Wonderful! I guess daddy and baby should be feeling the same way too. 😛

Look at my baby… She can help on car wash now! She even likes to help in sweeping or moping the floor. Sometimes, she try to wash her own clothes while she was bathing in the bathroom. How about that? LOL!


Toy Museum

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 8, 2008

So you thought this should be her new toys. Nope! Absolutely not even though she’s the fans of Sesame Streets. They belongs to the Toy Museum. We went to Toy Museum last Saturday.

Since Penang is a tourist spot, there is always somewhere to go. We visited the Siamese and Burmese Temple at the Kelawai road at first. Then, Tanjong Bungah Hotel where we play at the beach. Lastly, Toy Museum. Interesting one day tour! hehe……

What’s this, mummy? M&M. Oh! Let’s open the cabinet and take some of these colorful cutties home! 😛


Waeeeeng…..  Oh! No more crying, baby! There is monsters around. Dangerous! Stop crying, k?

Mummy, I dare not move. Oh! Nothing to worry, baby! These are friendly monsters. When you cry and being tantrum, you look even scarier. So, just say “Cheeze” to the camera. Hahahaha……

Why only the photos in Toy Museum? Don’t worry! Mummy will share the photos took at the other 2 places with everyone in other posts. 😛


Let the chair become my stage

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 7, 2008

What is this, baby? Fever dance? Hahahaha……

You don’t like the dance, Mi? How about a song? 😛


Ops… Mummy just want to make sure you don’t fall! LOL!

This small chair is supposed to place at the telephone table. But, it’s best to take it away from the table when little Elizabeth trying to climb up. Something she alway did for the pens, mobile router and phone on the table. She is a demolition baby. So keep her away will save mummy from spending more on buying new mobile routers, fixing the phone or at least save the table from more pen marks. Hehe……

However, this small chair will become her performing stage when it is not around the table. She really can act! Hahahaha……


Stop calling “Erg…”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2008

These days, little Elizabeth keep calling me “Erg……” That’s the sound I taught her how to “poop”. And, she understand what it means so well. Thus, mummy really don’t get it. For weeks she has been calling “Mi”. All of the sudden, mummy become “Erg…”. May I know why, baby?

Worst still, I have never heard she call me “Mi” for the whole last week, no matter how hard everyone in the family trying to correct her. She will point to me, but call “Erg…” , when she was asked where is her mummy. Funny!

She just keep calling her “D” (daddy) and “Mah”(granny). LOL! I am envy! Call mummy! Otherwise, I won’t be friend with you anymore! 😥


Her 22nd month

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2008

Yeah… Just wait patiently for another 2 months for your birthday party, k? Now, just keep eating fish and pears. Mummy is glad you love them so much now. They are good for your health. 😛

And, you have grown to be so so so Chicky! And, extremely playful. You learned to bully daddy. Slap him! Kick him! Beat him! Scratch him! Pinch him! I know you don’t do that to mummy. But, you stop calling “Mi” 2 days ago. Why you keep teasing mummy by addressing me as “Mmm…”? Say sorry, Elizabeth! 😯

I know, I know! You learn lots of words. You can even talk in some simply sentences . And, you even start singing. Singing with no words can be heard yet. Hahaha…… It’s ok. Mummy appreciates your effort. Ya! Ya! One more thing. Stickers, right? Regarding this matter… Please stick your stickers on your sticker book, not your shirts, pants, hands, and face.

Worst still, don’t stick them all together! That will ruin all the stickers! *Shouting*

LOL! Mi…. Why you shot so near? That will make my already big head looks even bigger. Oh No! 

Ops! So sorry, Baby! I will keep some distance now. I promise!

So you think that’s fun? Anyway, it’s funny for mummy! Hahahaha…… Enjoy yourself, baby! Just not for mummy. The gum of these stickers might cause sensitivity to my skin. I don’t want to spend so much on acne treatment or allergy again! Hehe…


I am the Odette

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2008

Daddy is sick. So, only somewhere around the town. But, even visiting a park like Botanical Garden is fun to little Elizabeth. Alright. Let’s go to Botanical Garden then.

Dog, Mi!

And, there’s a stage!

Ladies and gentlemen! A loud applause for The Odette Of “Swan Lake”.

Watch me, D…

What a graceful performance! Bravo! But, this is the first time I saw a ballet dancer never stands with her toes! Hahahaha……

That’s Our first day of Raya Holiday. 😉

Mummy realized this little princess quite like the feel of nature. And, she is definitely an angel on stage. Looks like you may like to join drama class, music class, dance class in the future. Huh? That’s going to keep mummy really busy, my little drama Queen!

Still, daddy is going to be so proud of his talented baby. 😛