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Better buy Barbie Doll for her

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2009

Few weeks ago, little Elizabeth started to get interested with ironing. Then, she suddenly like to play with dolls a few days ago.

Mummy:”Liz, you seems like to play with doll now, isn’t it?”


Then, her grandauntie sent her a little doll with some of the doll’s dresses, comb and hair clips yesterday.


Obviously, she loves it so much. Thanks to grandauntie. 😛

Oh! Ask her if she is a girl or a boy, most probably she will answer — a boy. Somehow, she has got her feminine side,isn’t she? 😉

But, guess what! Every time when little Elizabeth want to change for the doll, kakak will have to take out the doll’s head for her first. There is no other way to fit the clothes. Kind of scary, isn’t it? So, daddy said:”I think we better buy Barbie Doll for her.” Hahahaha……


Mummy is back

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2009

Mummy was resting in the room as I am sick and tired. So, I leave you to granny and kak Sue.

Then, you ran into the room……

Liz:” Mummy, I want to watch TV. And, don’t say not too long, ok?”


Immediately, you ran out of the room and out of my sight. Happy, aye? :roll:

It’s time to get back to your flash cards, cooking stuffs, drawing, tracing the alphabets and so on. Mummy is back. I have regain my energy. No more sitting in front of the TV whole day long.

I am sure you will still enjoy yourself walking around the house, hanging a bag on your shoulder, then pretend that you are shopping, paying and buying things. Sometimes, you will include calculator. And, the calculator is more like the cashier machine to you. Er… Looks like you have missed out the barcode scanner, baby! Hahahaha……


Mummy, dark already

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 28, 2009

We go no where this weekend as mummy is kind of sick.  So sorry, baby. But still, she attended music lesson. And, it’s the 8th month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. So, teacher gave all the children a lantern when they finished class.

Liz:” It’s Orange.”

Mummy:” Yeah… It’s orange lantern. we will light it up tonight, ok?”


As we reached home at noon……

Liz:”Mummy, I want to play lantern.”

Mummy:”If we light it up now, we can hardly see the light, wait until the sky is dark ok?”


By evening……

Liz:”Mummy,dark already.”

Mummy:”Huh? You mean the sky is dark already?”

Liz:”Mm! The sky dark already.”

Mummy(laughing) :”Now it’s only  6pm, baby. Wait for while, ok?”


Again, she said it’s dark already by 7pm. Then, repeat another few more times before the sky really turn dark around 8pm.Hahahaha…… So cute!

And, yes! Finally, she had a wonderful time playing the little orange lantern.

Kind of excited at the beginning, holding the lantern, walking around happily.

Got a hole on the lantern after a while as she dropped the lantern on the floor once.

Eventually, she asked daddy to take it for her as the stick was getting hot.

Liz:”It’s burning!”

Ya! Ya! What a careful baby. Hahahaha……


Monkey Island

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 26, 2009

One of  little Elizabeth favorite spot in A Famosa Animal World Safari was the Monkey Island.

Oh! I am kind of tired. But, no problem. Cheez! Hahaha……

Where is the monkey, mummy? Well, this is the best post I can do now. *Yawn*

Alright! We are on the the boat now. I want to sit on myself.  Er…… no problem. But… Where are the safety vests? It just isn’t so safe as you are kind of sleepy. Hahahaha……

Mummy! Don’t go back yet. I need to feed the monkey. Oh! As you wish, my princess!

LOL! Why so grumpy? Poor girl. Don’t be so upset, baby. Try again, ok?

Yeah… We did it! 😉


A Great Family Time

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 25, 2009




Looking back at all these pictures. We did have fun at the A Famosa. The food is not as good as those in Penang. The hotel was quite unhygienic. Lots of work to do as the maid is not around. Somehow, we did have a great family time. 😛

It’s so good to have each other and having great times together. Life becomes so wonderful with such happy family life. Thanks God! Next, mummy and daddy will take you to enjoy an oversea family vacation, ok?  Love to see you jumping for joy, speak and laugh even louder too. (Yeah… this playful little Elizabeth will speak so loud, keep laughing, keep hopping, and walk with big steps like a dinosaur when she was so excited. LOL!)   😉


I am a Cowgirl now

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 24, 2009


Mummy and daddy sure prefer the Riviera maya family vacation. Somehow, baby Elizabeth definitely enjoy herself so much at the A Famosa Animal World Safari.

Be it the real pony or the fake one, she simply love them all. However, it’s quite obvious that she actually feels more excited when she was riding on the fake pony. May be she felt more secure. Hehe…..

By the way, she finally get a cowboy hat. That’s what she requested once mummy told her we are leaving to cowboy town tomorrow on last Friday. And, she kept reminding mummy that she has to ride on a horse after she got this hat. And, wore it all day long when we were in the Animal World.

Daddy:” Let daddy take it out for you,ok? You are sweating.”

Liz:”No! It’s  mine!”

Daddy:”I know it’s yours. But, your head is sweating. It’s too hot. Take it out, ok?


Yee…! Ha! My lovely cowgirl. Hahahaha……


Quickly Go Home

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 23, 2009

We finally came back to our home sweet home last night. And, this little girl was grumbling about 1 hour before we reached home.

Liz:” Quickly go home.”

Mummy:”Oh… If you want to sleep again, you can lie down and sleep on mummy’s thigh.


Mummy:”Oh… Is it too boring?”

Liz:”Hmm…” (means Ya.)

Mummy:”Oh… Poor girl. Alright. Alright. We are going to reach home soon, ok?

But when we were on our way to the A Famosa, she was kind of excited.

How about that? Overall, she is a great traveler. She loves traveling and doesn’t complain much about the long distance. No crying at all too. Somehow, mummy was the one who feel like crying instead. Cause little Elizabeth don’t really like to go to public toilet. End up, she always wee wee on the pants. Each day once. LOL! Mummy hates washing the stinky socks, shoes and pants.

Hwo about the panties with pooh pooh all over it? Throw it away of course. In fact, mummy throwed away 2  of them. One of it was on our way to the A Famosa. Another one was in the hotel dustbin. Lousy mummy and lousy potty training, aye? Hahahaha……

Wear Diapers then. Yeah… That’s what we did when we are on our journey home as little Elizabeth finally agree to wear diaper instead of panties. Thanks God! LOL!


I am a Perfect Home Maker

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 19, 2009

Nowadays, she wants to go to “Jie Jie” school, when she passed by mummy’s ex secondary school. And, do all what the adults are doing during her free time including putting daddy’s old lap top and the old telephone on her table and start working like daddy. Taiping on the keyboard and talking on the phone. Sometimes, there is even writing on papers.

Besides, she could be a perfect future home maker. Have a look!

How about that? Another imitation from the adults. Girls are girls. Loves all these cleaning stuffs so much. And also cooking. I guess soon the day will come where she will go for facial treatments, start wearing high heels, taking diet pills, and talking about handsome boys too. LOL!


I cannot Talk

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2009

It’s Friday again. So, what’s the plan for the next 4 days holiday? We finally make the move to visit A’ Famosa Animal World Safari. Baby Elizabeth… Your dream has come true. How about that? 😉

And, lucky little Elizabeth also get to watch “G Force” in GSC last night. It’s a Premium Class treat. Chewing popcorns, have some drinks and 3 of us sitting together until the end of the show. This really makes this little clingy girl so happy. Thanks to daddy.

Just one thing…..

Liz:”The G Force blar blar blar…… hahahahaha”

Mummy talking so soft:”Ya. Gentle. Laugh softly, k?”

Liz:” The G Force blar blar blar……”

Daddy keep the voice so low too:” Sho…… Don’t talk. Stop.”

Mummy:” Eat popcorn, k?”

Liz starts being more gentle:”No. I want to talk.” Kind of disappointed. But, very obedient. Hahaha…..

Then, this morning when little Elizabeth was chit chatting with mummy while we are on our way to her school…

Mummy:”Did you talk a lot in school?”

Liz:”No. I close my mouth. I cannot talk.”

Mummy:”Teacher said cannot talk in school?”


But, mummy never heard her said something like this before. She must be confused. Most probably is because of what happened in the cinema that made her said she cannot talk. Hahahaha……


First time in Art Class

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 17, 2009

This past Tuesday was your first lesson, baby! It’s art class! And, this is your first piece of art working out together hand in hand with teacher San San. And, you just can’t wait to show “Mah Mah” and daddy when we were home after the class. You even showed your name at the back of the paper proudly.

Liz:” You see… got “Elizabeth” at the back. You see…” So cute! Thanks to “Mah Mah” who took the effort to teach you how to spell your name too.  😛

And, thanks God that you never run around the classroom desks. You were sitting still on the little chair and enjoy drawing so much instead! That was amazing! 😛


Beautiful Necklace

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 16, 2009

Mummy promised you will never feel bored at home. There is always something new. And…


This is what little Elizabeth get other than revising with some home made computer flash cards and watching cartoons. You were counting with them, other than just hanging them all on your neck, honey! And, we were having fun by organized a “Fashion Show” specially by Elizabeth in the room last  night before we go to bed. You were busy cat walking, putting on the colorful and shimmering necklaces, and also pretend changing all colors of beautiful dresses in a hiding place. Hahaha…… So lovely!

In fact, she was also attended her first art lesson yesterday. 😉

May God blessed you with all the happy day. :)


I want to sleep

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 15, 2009

Yesterday, she was perfect in school. However, she cried so loud this morning while teacher was taking her out from the car.

Liz:”I want mummy……”

So, mummy come down from the car and carry little Elizabeth.

Teacher:”Why? Yesterday you were ok. What happened?”

Liz:” I want to sleep……” (Yeah… mummy too. Wake up so early just ain’t easy, aye? :( )

Teacher:”Ok.Ok. We go inside take pillow and sleep on the floor, ok?”

Liz:”No…… No……” (Ya. Why on the floor? The floor is so hard and so dirty! At least should have bed wedges . How about that? Hahahaha……)

Liz:” I want mummy……” (So, that’s the real thing in her mind. LOL!)

Teacher:” Come, I’ll take you in to see dog dog. You like dog dog, isn’t it?”

Liz:” No! I want mummy take me see dog dog!”

Mummy:”Oh! School is for children only, my dear. How about bread and butter? You didn’t have your breakfast yet. Let’s go in and have breakfast, ok?”


Mummy and teacher try all ways for about 5 to 10 minutes. Nothing work! Finally, mummy has to pass her to the teacher, then just leave. So sorry, baby!

Mummy realized you are good at making excuses now. Hehe…… Anyway, mummy was so happy to see you smiling again while picking you up after school just now. 😛


I am Auntie now

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 14, 2009

Little Elizabeth is back to school again. And, surprise! Surprise! She was quite happy with it. 😛

This little sweetie actually sleep early the night before. Then, wake up willingly in the morning. Happily changed. Have a bottle of milk. Choose to tie her hair. Then, straight away wear shoes and hop into the car. And, was singing in the car. Then, get down the car and even said bye bye to mummy. Just a little bit reluctant while brushing her teeth.

12.30pm — As we reached home, she just walk to the dinning area with mummy. Had her lunch, then go to bathe. No hard push at all! Wow! I guess my girl has grown up. So touched! :)

The story continues…..

As she wake up from her afternoon nap, she wants to play swing. Why not? You are such a lovely girl today. Anything will do.  😉

Liz:”Mah Mah(Granny in Hokkien), I want to swing fast fast, ok?” That’s normal!

After swinging so high…

Liz:”Mah Mah, I am Jie Jie now.”

Mummy:”Er… Alright!” *Puzzled*

After playing with the swing, yet she wants to swim. So, swimming we go. While we were in the pool, little Elizabeth actually not holding mummy as tight as before anymore. And, she was no longer shivering or being frightened when she accidentally drink some water and choke her nose. Wow! Bravo!

Liz:”Mummy, you see… I am so brave. I am Auntie now, ok?” Hahahaha………….

Alright! Now I got you! The “Jie Jie” and “Auntie” thing simply means you’ve grown up. You surely did, honey! Especially in this special 33 months, you really really did grown up a lot. :)


Clean my hands, please

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 11, 2009

Does she sounds like a baby? That’s ok. She is just in the mood in pretending to be a baby. But, she will make a request to clean her hands immediately every feed just like what you have seen in the video. That’s not ok. :(

I told you she don’t like to bathe. But, she is very particular about cleanliness now. Thinking back, she don’t really put things in the mouth either since young. Once upon a time, she will never step on the floor bare foot unless it’s in the house.

Worst still, she will insists her toys or books has become dirty when they are touched by others (except daddy and mummy) since last month I think. Could it of granny and mummy keep chanting in her ears — “Don’t touch, it’s dirty!” all the time?

Now instead, mummy is working so hard in telling her almost everything is clean and safe. Hahaha……

Anyway, may be this is a sign of future doctor. Who knows? If that’s so, looks like mummy should catch up a little bit with medical knowledge and know more about medical equipment. 😉  Hahahaha……


She “pom pom” for Bear Bear

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 10, 2009


See… Someone is bathing with her this morning. But, not daddy or mummy this time. It’s her bear bear.

Mummy:”We go “pom pom”,k? Mummy asked her while she was playing with her soft toys.


Mummy:”How about Elizabeth help bear bear to bathe?”

Liz starts laughing and said:” Bear bear “pom pom”, she (means I) “pom pom” for bear bear, ok?”

Ya! Mummy bathe for little Elizabeth, and she bathe for the bear bear. Hahahaha……….

This is quite a good trick. Thanks to bear bear. As she really don’t like to bathe these days. It just ain’t easy to get her to bathe. She will only agree to bathe immediately when we are going out “kai kai”.  :roll:

Thus, mummy needs lots of good ideas. Anyway, mummy had enjoy myself  while she was bathing for the bear bear. That’s very cute!  😛


What people do

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 7, 2009

Even though yesterday was just sending little Elizabeth to music class and taking her out to dinner, but she seems happy. And, we just stay at home going no where today. Still, she never complain. Why? Cause she is quite clingy to the TV now. :roll:

Mummy did notice this unhealthy changes since a week or 2 ago. So, mummy thought of letting little Elizabeth to start playing puzzles. So, we bought lots of puzzles last week. Sad to see that she actually showed no interest in all of them, except this one.

So, you are interested in all the occupations and what are the tools their using to conduct their work? Is that means you are ready for more technical things now. Hopefully, it’s not the time to split the toy cars or watches into pieces yet!

Anyway, mummy realized she is quite attentive when mummy explained to her about what is this or that can be use for now. So, we can start from easy ones such as why do we need wireless alarms in the house. Then, go deeper by showing her how to operate the alarm and how does the alarm functions. :)


Happy 33 months

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 6, 2009

Time flies. Little Elizabeth already entered her 33 months since yesterday. Thinking about her progress. Mummy practically start “feeding” her encyclopedia.

This is her first animal encyclopedia. 😛

And, mummy is glad that I found her simple books about signs and flags.

Mummy:” Remember mummy told you about Pyramid? You will see a lot of Pyramid if you were in Egypt.”

Liz:”Mummy… she wants to go to China. Mummy … she wants to go to India. Mummy… she wants to  go to Egypt. She wants to go to Japan.”

Daddy:”We can go to Japan together. As mummy and daddy still not yet visited Japan.”

Mummy:” Ya. And, Japan got Disneyland too.” This appeared to be very encouraging for little Elizabeth. As she always said she wants to go to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Mummy is glad that little Elizabeth actually understands the fun of traveling. And, just the pictures of flags actually lead us all to wonderland. Feels great when everyone in the family sharing the same interest, having fun discussing about what we are going to do together.

Unless mummy has time to bring her to so many places, otherwise internet should be the best tool to help this little girl to know more about the cultures and things around the world. Well, hope mummy had made enough effort in expanding your exposure and making your life interesting. Happy 33 months! 😛


Let’s get Hip Hop

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 4, 2009





Mummy must post these pictures before I forget. You look so cute in these caps and wrist bands! What a cool Hip Hop style!

This curious and fashionable little vain pot will try any new fashion that seems interesting to her. Just as what happened to the food. She tries almost everything. Just keep eating without knowing the risk of getting “out of shape” or  what’s weight loss austin. Somehow, she will  spit then out immediately if she finds it awful! 😉

Luckily, she still finds her own way to be in shape unknowingly through dancing, hoping, running and jumping around. This cool little baby really like to hip hop. Sometimes, she will switch to slow dance and said:” I am a ballerina.” Cool, aye? :)


“Go hotel playground. She wants to play with Jie Jie and Ko Ko.”

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 3, 2009

Next Monday is a public holiday again. Thinking of what’s the best plan for you, baby. How about picnic by the beach? I doubt daddy will like it.

Or you actually wish to go back to this place?Yeah… At first, you enjoyed cooking alone in the nice and big kitchen. So, do you miss the Adventure Zone? Mummy knows I must blog more about this first time experience in this wonderful playground. :)

That’s the new way of sliding that Elizabeth learned from another Jie Jie! 😉

So, that’s the toddlers area. But, you insisted to try something more challenging! :roll:

Really thanks to all the ko ko and jie jie who practically offered to take care of you in the playground that day. Mummy can see they are trying thier best to please you. They are really nice. I guess that’s why you said:”Go hotel playground. She wants to play with Jie Jie and Ko Ko.”  on the next day.

Alright! It’s “she” wants to play. Not “I”, right? It’s always “she” when little Elizabeth means “I”. Hahaha……

But, they had went back to KL, my dear. So sorry! :(

Don’t worry! Mummy will make sure you have another fun weekend in this coming Saturday and Sunday. And, I am still scratching my head thinking what it supposed to be. LOL!