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On the potty, please

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2008

Elizabeth “pooh” so many times today. From hard to soft and smelly stools, a total of 3 times until now. It’s such a mess! Elizabeth might seems a learned baby these days. Somehow, she is still a toddler. A toddler that never “pooh” on the potty. She still “pooh” in her pants most of the time. :S

She knows that she supposed to “wee wee” in the toilet. Somehow, she just won’t hold mummy’s hand to the toilet whenever she wants to “wee wee”. On the other hand, if mummy bring her to the toilet on time, she will “wee wee”. :roll:
That’s actually great! I think as soon as she can speak in words, she will tell when she wants to answer these calls of nature. But, when are you going to be ready for the potty?

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