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Bathe with Huggies Cleanteam

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 22, 2008

I think most kids like cartoon characters. So do Elizabeth. In fact, Elizabeth likes bath mates such as “Winnie the Pooh and friends”. May be it’s time to introduce her to some lovely new friends. 😉

Daphne Dolphin

Sammy Snake

Henry Hippo

Freddy Flamingo

Billy Bison

Carly Crab

Wally Whale


Together, they are the Huggies Cleanteam.

Elizabeth likes this short video. She will get close with all these friendly bath mates as soon as they arrived. As they arrived, it’s so easy for mummy to keep little Elizabeth clean too! Clean her hair, clean her body, clean her hands and her bottom! That’s really clean! 😛

Mummy just can’t wait to see Elizabeth smiles, laughs, dances and gets wet together with them in the bathroom. There will be wonderful bath time for mummy, Elizabeth and the Huggies Cleanteam. I can see that they will come in handy and make the potty training process so much easier too. Ultimately, they are mummy’s best friends too! 😛

  1. rani Said,

    Where did u buy the Huggies Cleanteam from?

    I think it’s not in Malaysia yet! 😛

    Anyway, the cleanteam is not with us yet. I will show you when I get it! 😛

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