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Art Class Lesson 2

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 2, 2009

You were rubbing the colors on the paper instead of dabbing it. And, “face”! You used magic pens to draw 2 faces at the corners. So, where is the body? Hehe……

You were grumbling too. You insisted that you want to draw a big dinosaur. So, teacher drew many little dinosaurs for you. And, promised that you will have big dinosaurs to color next week. 😛

Also, thanks for the many little dinosaurs and the little chick. So do the big bird and flowers. It’s more of your art teacher’s work this time.You are very happy though. Thank you so much to your art teacher.

And, may be you can do a favor for her. Stop bordering her on taking you to wash your hands all the time. I am sure she will appreciates it so much. Hahahaha…… (I will blog the full story about this seperately tomorrow. To be continue……)

  1. Jess Said,

    Don’t know why kids like dinosaurs so much.
    My two little girl also like to draw dinosaur.

    Ya. I wondered why too. :)

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