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I love my Silly Man

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 10, 2011

I am always silly. Cause I like to be funny and silly like my silly dad. Yeah… I always call him silly man. Hahahaha………

But, I love him. He is always my favourite. I like him to brush teeth or watch all the new movie trailers in youtube together with me at night. I enjoyed all his silly performances specially dedicated to me.   :)

But, I got a problem.

When I was on my bed with mum few days back ……

Liz:”Mummy, I want daddy to sleep with me.”

Mum:”Go and call daddy come in then.”

Liz:”But he would never listen to me cause he is busy with his fish.”

Mum:”Give him some time then.”

Liz:”He won’t listen to me one. Always…… I ask him to stop smoking. Also he wouldn’t listen.”

Mum:”Yeah… Poor girl.”  Hahahahahahaha……….

My little princess is quite good at nagging, aye?  Hahahahahahaha………

Those really are the only 2 things that he won’t listen to you. He need to have his own time, honey. So is hard for him to sleep at the same hour with you. :)

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